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Sezzle Payments: An Easy Way To Pay Without A Credit Card

Sezzle is a new payment method available on that not only gives you rewards but also makes an impact. It’s called Sezzle and we think you’ll love it.

Sezzle’s mission is to improve eCommerce payments. Online businesses like SOURCEvapes are forced to give over a large of every sale to the credit card networks just to process their payments. The underlying cost to transfer money is only a few cents, but these companies collude to keep prices extremely high for retailers.

Sezzle bypasses the credit card networks and transfers money digitally from your bank account to ours. Think of it like Venmo but for online shopping. They cut our processing fees in half, and they reward you for helping us. Using Sezzle instead of your credit card will get you 1% cash back or 5% store credit on every purchase! This is in addition to your SOURCE rewards loyalty program points.

Here’s how it works:

When you checkout at, Sezzle is listed as an option on the Payment Method screen. Then select Sezzle as your payment method. They take you through a short, one-time sign-up process, which allows them to connect to your back account and transfer the purchase amount to SOURCEvapes. Your bank login credentials are entered only for the initial purchase.  are not stored by Sezzle but securely passed onto your bank. They currently support the largest 17 banks in the US. They are adding an additional 1300 banks by the end of May 2017.

The profile you create with Sezzle will work with every business that has Sezzle in their checkout. See the growing list here. You save time and get rewarded for saving money on the transaction. It's a win win.

Check out Sezzle's website for more information by clicking the picture below.  You should find everything you need to know in the FAQ section. If you have more questions you can email them at or  hit them up via the chat support on their website.



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