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  • Slumber Party with Silenced Hippie & SOURCE orb 4 Coilless Vape Pen

Slumber Party with Silenced Hippie & SOURCE orb 4 Coilless Vape Pen

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Slumber Party with Silenced Hippie & SOURCE orb 4 Coilless Vape Pen

Vape vlogger Silenced Hippie takes viewers to a stoner slumber party with fellow vaper, Jenny WakeandBake, and she brings the SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen along for the trip.

Let's see how this slumber party unfolded with the SOURCE orb 4 signature kit in the house...


SOURCE orb 4 review

Silenced Hippie shows off the SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen


Getting Ready for the Slumber Party with SOURCE orb 4


"I just woke up, I'm going to do my make-up, and I think, have a quick little...
... This is the SOURCE orb 4."
- Silenced Hippie


The SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen is sweeping up awards as one of the best vape pens out there, and we're seeing more and more vloggers bringing SOURCEvapes along on their vape vibe outs.

Whether at slumber parties, on nature hikes, at the beach, or chilling with friends, the SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen brings smooth, intense hits with maximum flavor. 

People are loving SOURCE orb 4's sleek, stainless steel 303 build, as well as the durable magnetic lock that makes loading essential oil easy and fast, with less mess. 


SOURCE orb 4 hits

Taking the first hit off the SOURCE orb 4...


Silenced Hippie is able to detach the SOURCE orb 4 attachment and 40w battery with little effort. SOURCE orb 4 easily comes apart with the magnetic lock, and we can see how durable it is as she loads her vape by simply pulling it apart with no need to screw the pieces back together. After loading up, the body and mouthpiece attach back together magnetically.


SOURCE orb 4 attachment

SOURCE orb 4 Attachment with Coiled & Coilless Atomizers


With just a couple of clicks on the SOURCE 40w temp control battery, Silenced Hippie adjusts her SOURCE orb 4's temperature, waking and vaping within seconds. This was her response after taking a hit from her SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen:



happy vapes

 Silenced Hippie digging the SOURCE orb 4


Heading to the Stoner Slumber Party

People are getting the most out of their dabs using the SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen because it creates intense hits without compromising the flavor of their vape.

SOURCE orb 4 could be called an upgrade from SOURCE orb 3, and we've definitely upgraded the variable airflow system in this new generationOur users are able to adjust SOURCE orb 4's airflow by choosing from 5 different settings on its upgraded variable airflow system (VAS).

By adjusting SOURCE orb 4's VAS to their liking, our users determine the intensity of their hits, without interfering with the flavor.

Before heading to Jenny WakeandBake's crib, SilencedHippie makes a pit stop for some delicious energy drinks to pair with the SOURCE orb 4. While vaping from SOURCE orb 4, it's never a bad idea to have a delicious drink to stay hydrated and soothe your throat after the heavier hits. 


magnetic lock vape pen

View of theSOURCE orb 4 Coilless Vape Pen Attachment & Variable Airflow System


SOURCE orb 4 Coiled & Coil-Less Atomizers

Dabbers can choose from 6 different coiled and coilless atomizers. It's a versatile vape pen that caters to all intensity preferences. SOURCE orb 4 coiled atomizers come with single and double coil rods that are made with black ceramic, white ceramic, and quartz. Our coiled atomizers were recently upgraded and are made with pure grade 1 titanium that's tested in the USA. 

Dabbers who prefer the lighter side of things will enjoy the grade 1 titanium single coiled quartz atomizer, while intense vapers can choose from 3 different double coiled atomizers.

With the surge of the coilless vape pen making headway on the market, our users are experiencing less drippy mess using our finest coilless atomizers that are made with quartz and USA-tested grade 2 titanium.


coilless atomizer

SOURCE orb 4 Ceramic Quartz Coilless Vape Pen Atomizer


Meanwhile at the Slumber Party...

SilencedHippie slumber party

Even the cat seems to think that SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen is pretty interesting...


Jenny WakeandBake and Silenced Hippie are having a chill vape sesh using the SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen. They're talking about decorating and photography while vaping cozily.


SilencedHippie Party

The cat crashes the party!


The girls move the slumber party out to the woods as they venture out for a nature hike, and they bring their SOURCE orb 4 vape pens along for the journey.


vaping in nature

SOURCE orb 4 out for a hike


It looks like they're enjoying this nature vape sesh with their SOURCE orb 4 vape pens. With SOURCE orb 4's long battery life and its innovative magnetic lock, our users can enjoy vaping out in Mother Nature, hassle-free, and on the go.


SOURCE orb 4 vape pen

 Vapes and vapes... Anywhere!


We're stoked that SOURCEvapes could provide good vibes for this slumber party: