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  • Introducing: 3, 4, & XL Series

Introducing: 3, 4, & XL Series

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Introducing: 3, 4, & XL Series

If you've recently re-visited our online store here at SOURCEvapes, you may have noticed a couple changes. Don't worry - your favorite vaporizer products still deliver the same deliciously smooth and intense vape pen hits.

We've changed just a couple of marketing things to make it a bit easier on you when you shop with us here at SOURCEvapes.

So what's the fuss all about, really?


We're now officially calling

SOURCE orb 3, 4, and XL atomizers...

3, 4, and XL Series!


So from here on out, whenever you shop for atomizers, you'll no longer be looking for the "orb", and you're likely to have an easier time finding atomizers that are compatible with your go-to SOURCEvapes vape pen or eRig that you're already enjoying.  


SOURCE rebrands

3, 4, & XL Series Rebranding


What's Up with All This Product Compatibility?

Product compatibility is one of the hottest things in the vaporizer industry right now, and our cross generational atomizers help set us apart from other vape pen companies. People love when their atomizers aren't confined to one vape pen, and they love the control they get in creating their vapes to their liking. 

Here at SOURCEvapes, we take our customers' comments and concerns into consideration as we set out to always create better and more effective essential oil vaporizer products. That's what we did when we created the SOURCE orb 4 and SOURCE orb XL vape pens. That's what we're doing right now as we listen and read your reviews and comments on how you're liking these new vape products.

And one of the things we succeeded at when we set out to create better essential oil vaporizers was atomizer compatibility.

When we created the SOURCE orb XL (known as "the strongest vape pen ever"), we created a vape pen that could heat up and vaporize not only using XL Series atomizers, but 3 & 4 Series atomizers, as well.


An Analogy for Our Atomizer Compatibility

Think of iPhones and iPads for a sec. Think about how there's always a new generation of the iPhone that comes out every so often. Now that the iPhone 7 has been released, the iPhone 6 is no longer the premiere smartphone.  

Think of SOURCE orb XL as the iPad. It's compatible with the 3, 4, and XL Series atomizers, similar to the way the iPad can play both iPhone and iPad apps. 

With the newly released SOURCE orb 4, our SOURCE orb 3 vape pen has become a legacy product that's offered as a low-cost vape pen alternative.

Similar to how the iPhone 7 is an upgrade from the iPhone 6, our 4 Series products are also upgrades from the 3 Series. 


SOURCEvapes atomizers

4 Series


Let's Break it Down Further...

• 3 Series products include SOURCE orb 3, SOURCE slim 3, & SOURCE bubbler 3, and only works with 3 Series atomizers

• 4 Series products include SOURCE orb 4 & SOURCE slim 4, and only works with 4 Series atomizers

• XL Series products include SOURCE nail & SOURCE orb XL, and works with Series 3 and Series 4 atomizers


Always #ExperienceTrueTaste

You can still Experience True Taste, whether you're vaping with our ceramic, quartz, titanium, coilless, double coil, single coil, or triple coil atomizers!

We offer a plethora of the finest atomizers on the market, and we're constantly reworking them and upgrading them so you can continue to experience true taste, and beyond!  


You can now find the 3, 4, and XL Series on our online store!