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  • SOURCE orb 3 vs. SOURCE orb 4: Coil-Less Vape Pen of the Future is Here

SOURCE orb 3 vs. SOURCE orb 4: Coil-Less Vape Pen of the Future is Here

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SOURCE orb 3 vs. SOURCE orb 4: Coil-Less Vape Pen of the Future is Here

The SOURCE orb line of vape pens started the double coil revolution with its double coil atomizers. With the introduction of SOURCE orb v2, SOURCE terra atomizers were the first coil-less atomizers usable with standard vape pen batteries. SOURCE orb 3 offered increased airflow and the addition of the double coil quartz atomizers. SOURCE orb 4 has now arrived offering three types of coil-less atomizers offering unmatched quality and taste.

Let's take a look at the differences between the SOURCE orb 3 and SOURCE orb 4.

Coil-Less Atomizer

SOURCE orb 3 offered two options for coil-less atomizers: SOURCE terra and SOURCE quartz terra. SOURCE orb 4 maintains backwards compatibility with these and all other SOURCE orb 3 atomizers, but adds compatibility with three all new SOURCE nail atomizers.

titanium coil-less atomizer

Pictured above is the SOURCE nail titanium atomizer. Made with USA-Tested Grade 2 Titanium, it offers dab rig quality on the go. SOURCE nail atomizers are fully compatible with SOURCE orb 4 and are also available in ceramic and quartz. Using these atomizers your SOURCE orb 4 becomes a compact portable e-Nail.

Airflow Adjustments

SOURCE orb 3 has 4 holes on the bottom of the vape pen attachment.

SOURCE orb 3 vape pen attachment

SOURCE orb 4 has gone further by adding 5 holes, but with two improvements:

1) Borrowing from the SOURCE orb XL, the airflow is now variable to get just the right hit

2) Airflow holes are now placed on the top of the attachment for compatibility with SOURCE nail coil-less atomizers

vape pen attachment

Another airflow related change is threading. SOURCE orb 3 featured eGo threading while SOURCE orb 4 features 510 threading. This change in threading not only increased airflow, but provides easier compatibility with box mod batteries that are becoming more popular among vape pen enthusiasts.

Magnetic Lock

SOURCE orb 4 offers a new magnetic lock system replacing the SOURCE orb 3's threaded screw on connection. This offers much easier refills for dabs on the go while using a very powerful magnet to prevent your orb from coming apart in your pocket. See the magnet in action in the video below.

More Powerful Battery

SOURCE orb 4 will continue to be offered as a signature kit, premium kit, and stand alone vape pen attachment. The biggest battery change comes to the signature kit.

The SOURCE orb 3 signature kit featured a 650mah variable voltage battery, while the SOURCE orb 4 signature kit boasts a 2200mah SOURCE volt 40w temperature control box mod battery.

40 watt temp control box mod

Not only is there over 3 times the battery capacity, but this is the first vape pen battery with a chip specifically designed for essential oils. The SOURCE volt 40w is the best choice when using SOURCE nail atomizers. 

Innovating the Future

With coil-less atomizers, variable airflow, a magnetic lock, and a more powerful battery, the SOURCE orb 4 offers major upgrades over the already highly rated SOURCE orb 3. Find out for yourself and Experience True Taste with the best vape pen of 2016!