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SOURCE orb 4 Featured in Gift Guide by Vaporizer-Review

SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit was featured on 2016's holiday gift guide on Vaporizer-Review. Even though the holidays are over, it's never too late to buy a coilless vape pen for you or a loved one, and Vaporizer-Review's gift guide for the best vaporizer products feature a SOURCE orb 4 review





Today, people are vaping more than ever before, and vaping has become a healthier alternative to smoking. With vaping's growing popularity, the demand for vape products has paved the way for better and more innovative vaping equipment.

SOURCE orb 4 coilless wax pen came on the market in 2016, and it quickly became regarded as one of the best vape pens on the market. With a magnetic lock, coiled and coilless atomizers that handle all types of materials and an upgraded variable airflow system, SOURCE orb 4 is the innovative coilless vape pen that allows its users to customize their hits.


SOURCE 4 vape pen recommended as gift


“This vaporizer is the enthusiast’s wet dream.

Since each atomizer is unique, the orb 4 is able to tackle virtually any sort of load"

- Vaporizer-Review
SOURCE orb 4 coilless wax pen


Innovative Atomizers for Custom Dabs

The best vape pen can handle the runniest, firmest, and most viscous of essential oil concentrates alike. SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit features coiled & coilless atomizers that create a variety of dabs.

SOURCE orb 4 comes with a quartz coilless atomizer and a SOURCE nail titanium coilless atomizer that heat up and contain runny materials without the mess. Its porous black ceramic double coiled atomizer absorbs runny maerials while creating intense, smooth dabs. 


double coil black ceramic Series 4

Double coil black ceramic atomizer


SOURCE orb 4 comes with 2 other double coiled atomizers made with white ceramic and quartz, as well as a single coiled atomizer for lighter hits.


Customize Your Dabs - Fast - Without the Mess

Users get quality with the SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen, and with a stainless steel 303 build, SOURCE orb 4 is made with the healthiest material on the market. Our upgraded 5 setting Variable Airflow System allows users to adjust the intensity of their hits right on the SOURCE orb 4 attachment piece.  

In years prior, users had to unscrew their vape pens in order to reload their essential oils. But no more! SOURCE orb 4's magnetic lock allows users to pull apart their attachment pieces, load their vape, and pull the attachment back together. Users can vape within seconds of reloading their vaporizer!


magnetic lock vape pen

Magnetic Lock & Variable Airflow System on SOURCE orb 4


It's Never Too Late to #ExperienceTrueTaste

Vaporizer-Review featured a SOURCE orb 4 review and listed it as a top coilless vape pen! The holiday season may be over, but it's never too late to experience smooth and powerful hitswith SOURCE orb 4! 




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