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  • SOURCE slim 4. The Smallest Quartz Coil-Less Vape Pen!

SOURCE slim 4. The Smallest Quartz Coil-Less Vape Pen!

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SOURCE slim 4. The Smallest Quartz Coil-Less Vape Pen!

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Less than 5 inches, and Everything You Need

Compact? Got it.. Built in container? Got it. Compatible with SOURCE nail coilless atomizers? Got it!

SOURCE slim 4 brings a smaller form factor to the Award-Winning SOURCE nail coil-less atomizers. At just 4.7 inches in height and a weight of 3.6 ounces, ultra portability is here. This offers users the most sophisticated atomizer experience currently available on a vape pen. Featuring both a quartz double coil atomizer made with USA-Tested Grade 1 titanium and a coil-less quartz SOURCE nail atomizer, you will get a complete range of flavors and strengths.

A More Portable Vape Pen

Our customers asked for ultra portability and we bring it to them with the smallest form factor coilless vape pen ever made. The high output battery delivers flavorful hits from the coil-less atomizers without lacking any power. Quality remains top notch with a Lifetime warranty.

Compatibility Across the SOURCE orb 4 Line

The battery and attachment of the SOURCE slim 4 are capable of handling all atomizers from the SOURCE orb 4 line of products. You have coil-less quartz, titanium, and ceramic, all ready to vape wherever you go. If you still prefer coiled atomizers for those extra strong rips, you have your choice of black ceramic double coil, quartz double coil, and ceramic double coil. When it comes to quality, SOURCE delivers with all coiled atomizers being made of USA-Tested Grade 1 Titanium. The titanium nail atomizer is made of USA-Tested Grade 2 Titanium. Only the best materials can deliver such awesome, consistent flavor.

Discreet On the Go

With its smaller form factor, SOURCE slim 4 is the first ultra portable coilless vape pen. When you choose SOURCEvapes, you are guaranteed to be happy with your product. Not only do we offer lifetime warranties on the battery and body, but all atomizers are warrantied for 30 days, used or not. When it comes to quality, choose SOURCEvapes!

SOURCE slim 4 kit

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