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Vape Pen Buyer's Guide & Product Overview 2017

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Vape Pen Buyer's Guide & Product Overview 2017

Hello vapers and welcome to the SOURCEvapes vape pen buyer's guide. Because not every vape pen is created equal, we've put together this buyer's guide. It seeks to answer several questions. What differentiates one company's pens from another? Why do some break down so fast, burn up, or don't hit well at all? The guide will strengthen your understanding of vape pens in general. And don't miss out on the following descriptions of SOURCEvapes products. You'll see exactly what our customers are raving about in such amplitude.

SOURCEvapes Vape Pen Buyer's Guide for 2017

What Exactly Is A SOURCEvapes Vape Pen?

vape pen buyer's guide 2017The experience of vaporizing with SOURCEvapes is unlike anything you currently puff. While this may seem like a claim any vaporizer company could make, all the facts and the immense amount of customer rapport supports it.

With hundreds if not thousands of different model vape pens out in the retail market, what exactly is a SOURCEvapes pen? As you look through the different options of vaporizes in the lineup, some general facts standout.

SOURCEvapes vaporizers use batteries just like all other vape pens, however, they are not disposable. Although they still will fit pre-fill cartridges. Most SOURCEvapes vape pens and vaporizer products atomize the material you put in yourself, whatever form it may come in.



What Parts & Material Go Into The Making Of A Vape Pen?

SOURCEvapes Signature nail KitThe basics of most vape pens are generally the same before design and choice of material set them apart. Their construction involves three components:

  • Battery - Rechargeable or disposable depending on the brand.
  • Atomizer - Responsible for heating flower or concentrate into vapor form. 
  • Attachment - The draw piece that attaches to the battery and atomizer.

Once you get past the basic design of a vaporizer, everything changes. The majority of vape pens, especially ones on the cheaper end of the spectrum, make little effort to provide quality material. Some even go so far as to use glue or other potentially dangerous materials in their manufacturing. This being the case, two categories exist that set vaporizers apart: Material and design. 

SOURCEvapes Material

Big Cloud VapingMaterial makes a difference in any physical product, even more so when those parts involve heating. Durability and performance of vape pens depends greatly upon their material make up, an area where SOURCEvapes shines. When checking a vaporizers quality you want to know that the coils being used are of a high grade material. Have a look at some of our material features:

  • Batteries - SOURCEvapes uses a range of high grade rechargeable batteries. Whether you use the SOURCE volt or the premium batteries that come along with SOURCE orb vape pens, rest assured it's a top quality product. SOURCE volt max uses the best Sony high drain batteries available. All SOURCE batteries come in a durable encasement and are backed by the best vape pen warranty in the industry.
  • Atomizers & Coils - Metal and heat? Very important. SOURCE atomizers are either coil-less, single, double, or even triple coiled (even quad coil which will be released soon). Each atomizer contains a chamber with a coil (in the models that aren't coil-less) or coils at the bottom. SOURCEvapes uses titanium coils. You'll find nothing but high grade ceramic, titanium, and quartz in SOURCEvapes atomizers. All SOURCE orb 4 coils are made with USA-Tested Grade 1 Titanium. SOURCE nail Titanium atomizers use USA-Tested Grade 2 Titanium. Ceramics used in all SOURCE products are USA-Tested Food Grade ceramics.
  • Attachments - The SOURCE orb 4, orb XL, and slim 4 use quality 303 stainless steel, which isn't standard at all among most other vape pens. Most attachments out there are still made from copper. SOURCE also offers several percolator accessories that contain clear quality glass. 

SOURCEvapes Design

The magic begins by SOURCE collecting the finest possible ingredients, but it finishes with unparalleled design. Take a look at SOURCEvapes features in each part of their vaporizers:

  • SOURCEvapes DesignBattery - SOURCE batteries come with strong frames to keep them lasting a lifetime. Each one also has a temperature control you can modulate depending on what you are vaping. SOURCE knows that flower and concentrates heat at different temperatures and provide a range in every battery. SOURCEvapes batteries come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Atomizers & Coils - Screw in replaceable atomizers fit 510 threads. Your options here are one of the signature provisions of SOURCEvapes. Whether you like the double coil black ceramic models for runny materials, Coil-Less atomizers for optimal flavor, or the triple coil for hard hits, there's an atomizer for your product. 
  • AttachmentsSOURCE attachments either screw on tight with 510 threads or engage with a magnetic lock.  These attachments use stainless steel and also have variable airflow. Simply turn the attachment to adjust the amount of air flow that enters as you draw the vape. 

How Does One Use A Vaporizer Pen - The SOURCEvapes Difference

Using A SOURCEvapes VaporizerUpon receiving your SOURCEvapes vaporizer, charge the battery all the way before your first use. Next you'll want to match the atomizer to your product. Check to make sure you order the right SOURCEvapes product for your use. For example, SOURCE orb 4 atomizers are only for wet materials and don't take dry plant material. 

After selecting the right atomizer, fill it with your product. Be certain not to overfill. Product that leaks over may spill into the battery and ruin it. Once your atomizer is loaded with your material screw it into the attachment. With your atomizer full and set in place, secure the attachment onto your battery.

SOURCEvapes batteries come with an activation method. This prevents accidental turn on while in your pocket which wastes the battery. Tap the battery button eight times in succession and it'll light up. You're now ready to vape. Play with the temp settings on the battery to produce the perfect heat for vaping your concentrate or flower. Don't forget to adjust the air flow on your attachment for the perfect hit.  

SOURCEvapes Product Overview - Vaporizer Pens, Kits, & Accessories

SOURCE orb 4 

#1 SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kit - Best Vaporizer Kit With Temperature Control & Coilless Pen

SOURCEvapes orb 4 Signature KitWhat does Leafly have to say about the orb 4 Signature Kit? "Ideal for connoisseurs." Leafly got it right because the SOURCE orb 4 delivers superior flavor due to the high quality materials used.

The kit comes with full foam padding inside a sturdy metal case. It includes everything a vape aficionado could desire. The vaporizer gets power from the new SOURCE volt Max Battery (see below for more details). Take the Sony battery out for replacement and faster charging.

Next you have 9 atomizers (see details below) with different designs for any consistency of material you get your hands on. The kit also contains the SOURCE orb 4 attachment, battery charger, dab tool, and a small container for your wax or shatter. SOURCE provides all this product in their orb 4 Signature Kit with a lifetime no-hassle warranty.

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#2 SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit - High Value Coil-Less Quartz Vape Pen Kit

SOURCEvapes orb 4 Premium Battery"Hits are instant fat clouds that other brands can't approach." It's a testimony about SOURCEvapes when customers speak with such candid approval, like the statement above. This one is in response to the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit which offers many features of the Signature Kit, at a fraction of the price.

So what does the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit include? Start with the SOURCE orb 4 650mah, sub-ohm Premium Battery and charger. Next is the SOURCE orb 4 attachment along with your tool. The last ingredient is an array of atomizers. The Premium Kit doesn't come with the same selection of atomizers as the Signature Kit, which helps keep the price down. Still, 6 instead of 9 is more than substantial and you can buy more later with an accessory pack.

The biggest difference besides the smaller amount of atomizers is the size of the battery. The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Battery is pen size and easier to bring mobile than the SOURCE volt max battery. However, the SOURCE volt max battery can deliver more power for serious clouds.

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#3 SOURCE orb 4 Pen Attachment - Coil-Less Quartz Vape Pen Attachment With 4 Different Vape Pen Atomizers

SOURCEvapes orb 4 Attachment With 4 AtomizersShould you lose, damage, or simply desire a backup attachment for your SOURCE orb 4, SOURCEvapes offers them separately. Furthermore, they include 4 different concentrate atomizers with the package. SOURCE orb 4 attachments are solid stainless steel and fix onto SOURCE batteries with a strong magnetic lock.

As you were reading earlier, SOURCE orb 4 attachments hold the atomizer. Whichever type of atomizer you choose for your concentrate will screw securely into the attachment. Some users mention filling several atomizers so they're ready for use at any time. When you finish one you unscrew it from the attachment and twist one in that's already loaded.

SOURCE orb 4 attachments use a variable air flow system. Each attachment has 5 horizontal holes dead center of the product. By twisting the top, you close off or open up 1 or more holes. This dictates the amount of air that you pull with each hit that you take. You can get that tight air or loose air hit depending on what you feel like.

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#4 SOURCE orb 4 Atomizer Accessory Pack - 3 Pack Atomizer Replacements

orb 4 Series AtomizersThey come in 3 packs and you have 9 different atomizers to choose from in the SOURCE orb 4 series. You can also opt to go with the SOURCE nail combo pack, a 3 pack that includes each of the titanium, quartz, and ceramic bucket atomizers. 4 series atomizers have a deeper barrel which gives you more room for concentrate. Take a look at all 9 orb 4 series atomizers in further detail:

  • Quartz Single Coil - A single Grade 1 titanium coil at the bottom of a quartz atomizer.
  • Quartz Double Coil - Two Grade 1 titanium coils heat this quartz atomizer.
  • Black Ceramic Double Coil - Double Grade 1 titanium coils at the bottom of a black ceramic atomizer.
  • White Ceramic Double Coil - Same as the one above but with white ceramic instead.
  • SOURCEvapes nail Atomizer With Removable BucketsSource terra 2 - An all ceramic coil-less atomizer with power delivered on the sidewalls as well as bottom.
  • Quartz Plus - Ceramic plate coilless atomizer.
  • Source nail Titanium - Atomizer that features a removable USA-Tested Grade 2 titanium bucket.
  • nail Ceramic - Features a removable food grade ceramic bucket.
  • nail Quartz - The third nail option offers a removable quartz bucket. 

*Note: The orb 4 Signature Kit includes all 9 atomizers while the Premium Kit comes with 6. 

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#5 SOURCE orb 4 Battery Accessory Pack - Best Variable Voltage Sub-Ohm Battery With 8 Settings

orb 4 Premium BatteryIf you can get the attachments separately then what about the batteries? Well yes you can, and you may as start here with the orb 4 pen battery. This is the battery that comes with the orb 4 Premium Kit. It contains a 650mah sub-ohm high-drain battery and a charger. 

The orb 4 Premium battery is travel battery like most pens you see. The difference is immediate though from the stainless steel frame, button activator, and temperature control knob on the bottom. It also uses a 510 threaded connection, while most batteries in this pen style use a eGo 510 threaded connection. One part you can't see is its sub-ohm capabilities. This makes it compatible with SOURCE orb 4 grade 1 Titanium coiled atomizers and SOURCE nail atomizers.

Activate the battery by pressing the knob 5 times quickly. This power lock feature will prevent pocket turn on and unwanted battery drain. It also has a 10 second safety stop feature to prevent overheating. The temp control knob has 8 different settings that provide a range of voltage. Start low with 2.7 volts or crank it up to 4.2 v. 

There is a charge level indicator on the battery that works by color. A blue light equals 80 - 100%. Pink drops to 40 - 79% and if you get lower than 40 it turns red. The battery takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge. 

*Note: The orb 4 Premium battery works with orb 4 products, the slim 4, the orb XL (needs a 510 adapter), and the SOURCE nail. 

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#6 SOURCE volt Max - Sub Ohm Battery Pack With Removable Battery

SOURCEvapes volt Max BatteryIf you own the SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kit and you want a backup, no problem. Maybe you like the volt Max battery and want it without the kit. Whatever your reason, SOURCEvapes makes it available as an accessory and it comes with a few extras. Besides the battery you also get a micro USB charge cable, an extra Sony VTC4 2100mah 18650 battery, a SOURCE nail 510 Glass Globe, and an XL series triple coil atomizer. This battery is a actually a vape pen kit by itself.

The SOURCE volt max battery itself is an impressive unit. It keeps track of your puffs and it has a wide range of temperature control. The settings allow you to vary the energy output from 5 to 60 watts. This results in a temperature range of 200 - 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Enough to vape the loosest of oil to the densest of concentrates. 

Safety cut off on the battery still exists but SOURCE extends it to 15 instead of 10 seconds. This is for you with the power lungs. The battery comes with 3 custom settings and 3 temperature modes (Ti, Ni, SS316). One of the best features about the SOURCE volt max battery is that it works with every Source attachment. 

*Note: SOURCE orb 3, slim 3, and orb XL attachments will require a 510/ego thread adapter. 

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SOURCEvapes slim 4

#7 SOURCE slim 4 - Best Quartz Vape Pen Travel Kit

SOURCEvapes slim 4 Travel KitWhether it's a business a trip, camping, family vacation, or any other reason that brings you away from the comfort of home, the SOURCE slim 4 goes with you. At only 4.7 inches tall and thin enough to hold like a pen, the slim 4 is easy to carry. But how does it perform?

The SOURCE slim 4 Travel Kit works on power from the SOURCE volt mini 650mah sub-ohm battery. Like other SOURCE batteries, it has the 5 click power unlock feature and a 15 second safety cut off. The slim attachment holds any of the 9 SOURCE orb series 4 atomizers and it includes the 5 setting variable air flow system. 

Variable power control also comes with the SOURCE slim 4. The volt mini battery has 3 temp settings that you flip through by tapping the button 3 times fast. A green light indicates the lowest setting with a range between 2.6 and 3.2 volts. Middle range shows red and lands between 3.2 and 3.7 volts. Tap 3 times once more to go blue and get 3.7 to 4.2 volts.

The SOURCE slim 4 Travel Kit includes the volt Mini battery (with a built in ceramic stash spot) and slim 4 attachment. It comes with a micro USB charging cable, travel case, and micro fiber cleaning cloth. For your atomizers it comes with both the 4 series quartz double coil and the nail atomizer with quartz bucket. 

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#8 SOURCE orb XL Travel Kit - Strongest Hitting Triple Coil Vape Pen & Travel Kit

orb XL Travel KitSomeone was asking what it might be like to put not 1 or 2, but 3 coils in an atomizer. SOURCEvapes answers that question with orb XL vaporizers. Starting off with the orb XL Travel Kit, you won't feel any disappointment.

All the components of orb XL vaporizers sell individually and have a description below, but take a look first at all that comes in the Travel Kit. It's by far the best value. The travel kit starts with the SOURCE orb XL Premium Battery and SOURCE orb XL Attachment.

Also in the kit is your travel case, dab tool, cloth, and USB charger. orb XL attachments work with XL atomizers or any of the series 4 atomizers. The XL kit gives you one nail atomizer with the removable quartz bucket, and one XL triple titanium coil atomizer. Customers know it as the strongest hitting vape pen to ever pass their lips. 

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#9 SOURCE orb XL Pen Attachment - With Triple Coil & Coil-Less Atomizers

SOURCEvapes orb XL Attachment The SOURCE orb XL Attachment sells separately and its design is similar to SOURCE orb 4 attachments. You get the same 5 setting variable air flow system and orbital curvature shape. As a bonus, you can use a total of 11 different atomizers with SOURCE orb XL attachments. This includes the XL triple coil atomizer, all 9 of the orb 4 style atomizers, and the orb 3 atomizers. 

The larger triple coil atomizer holds up to 1 gram of material. It's best use is with the XL or volt max battery for maximum power. SOURCE orb XL attachments come in black chrome with two atomizers also in the pack. Your Grade 1 Titanium triple coil XL atomizer, as well as the nail quartz atomizer with removable bucket come with. 

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#10 SOURCE orb XL Atomizers - XL Series Atomizers Accessory Pack

orb XL Quartz Triple Coil AtomizerFor XL atomizers you'll need extra large replacement packs and SOURCEvapes has the goods that fit the XL attachment. Like every other SOURCE atomizer, there is absolutely zero use of glue, plastic, or dye in the XL atomizers.

Each XL atomizer features three of the highest quality Grade 1 titanium coils in a larger size barrel. The atomizer body is stainless steel and all parts go through quality testing.

Quartz triple coil XL atomizers work best with the battery set between 3.7 and 4.2 volts or between 13 and 16 watts. This gives an optimum temperature range of 350 - 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The size difference and the extra heating ability of the XL atomizer makes a big difference.

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#11 SOURCE orb XL Battery - Premium Battery Accessory Pack

orb 4 XL Premium BatteryPower in a battery is what it's all about with the SOURCE XL vaporizer. You are most welcome to order the XL battery pen as an accessory pack. It is a 1300 mah sub-ohm battery with the power to get the most out of XL triple coil atomizers. Like the Premium 4 Battery, the XL has an 8 setting knob that offers a range of 2.7 to 4.2 volts.

SOURCE orb XL batteries work with XL and orb 4 series atomizers. They have the same 5 rapid click unlock feature, battery capacity light indicator, and 15 second safety cut off as the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit battery. 

SOURCE XL batteries have the female threads that fit the XL attachment, though you can use any attachment with the eGo 510 adapter. Furthermore, XL batteries have the 3 custom settings and the puff counter to track use. The accessory pack includes the Fast Charger that goes full in 2-3 hours. 

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SOURCEvapes nail

#12 SOURCE nail Signature Kit - Top eRig Kit With Portable nail & Temp Control Pen

SOURCEvapes nail Signature KitIf you've been reading up to this point, you know the features of nail atomizers. They have the deeper barrels and removable titanium, ceramic, or quartz buckets. Why not make an entire eRig kit with nail atomizers and glass attachments? Take a look at all you get with the portable eNail and Vape Pen Kit.

The eRig's power supply comes from the volt Max Battery (description above) and eRig glass attachments work with all SOURCE atomizers. SOURCE nail also has two glass eRig attachment designs, a glass attachment that holds the atomizer, and your glass nail. Here's the two attachment designs:

  • Split Glass Bubbler - This attachment offers better airflow and also works with water pipes. This comes with the SOURCE nail Signature Kit.
  • SOURCE globe Portable Glass Pen Attachment - The globe is a short glass attachment that turns your eRig into a portable vape pen.

In addition to the battery and glass attachments, the SOURCE nail Signature Kit comes with 3 nail atomizers. One each of the titanium, ceramic, and quartz buckets. It includes the micro USB charger, a 2100mah Sony battery, quartz carb cap, and material tool. All this in a sturdy black metal carry case.

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#13 SOURCE nail XL Kit - Premium nail Kit With Ultra Portable eNail & Vape Pen

SOURCEvapes nail Premium KitThe natural progression as SOURCEvapes continues to add interchangeable products is to mix and match. Why not put together an easy to use eRig kit that uses a pen size battery, but still fits the XL atomizers? That's what you get with the SOURCE nail Premium  Kit. The Premium Kit uses its own special 30 second heat up battery.

The SOURCE nail Premium Battery uses a 900mah Sub-Ohm battery with a super easy 30 second heat up feature. It offers 3 different power settings that range from 3.3 - 3.9 volts. It has the 5 click unlock feature and 4 clicks to change the temp setting. Activate the warm up period with 2 clicks and wait 30 seconds while the light is blue. When it turns green you're good to go for a 10 second draw time. 

What's else comes in the SOURCE Premium nail Kit? Keep the globe, split glass bubbler, and the base attachment. You also get all 3 versions of the nail removable bucket atomizers. SOURCE wraps up the kit with a micro USB cable, quartz carb cap, and material tool.

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#14 SOURCE nail Portable Attachment - 510 eRig Attachment

SOURCEvapes nail Portable eRig AttachmentDo you love the SOURCE glass rigs and attachments? There's no need to buy a whole new kit if you already have a 30w or higher mod battery.

When you pick up an the SOURCE nail portable eRig attachment, you do get a few extras along with it. The package includes a carb cap and material tool. You also pick up 3 nail atomizers, one of each type. Of course, the battery attachment piece that holds the atomizer is also in the package.

Do you need another glass globe for portable use? No problem! SOURCE will send you one separately. Just be certain that you have the correct volt max battery or Premium nail battery and attachment necessary to use.

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#15 SOURCE nail Atomizers - nail Atomizer Accessory Pack

SOURCEvapes nail AtomizerSOURCE nail atomizers are available to pick up in 3 packs, but what makes them so special? To start, they have a deep barrel that hits right off the bottom with no coils. It drives down further into the attachment for a solid connection and offers more room since there are no coils taking up space.

Perhaps the highlight feature of nail atomizers is their removable buckets. An idea that SOURCEvapes brings to the table like no other atomizer does. Why is it such a big deal? Besides the points above, the removable buckets allow much easier cleaning. 

The different nail atomizers allow you to choose the wayl you want to vape your material. Because titanium, ceramic, and quartz have different heat transfer properties, it makes a difference depending on your material used. Here's an explanation of the three nail buckets with their recommended heat settings:

  • SOURCEvapes nail Titanium, Ceramic, and Quartz AtomizersTitanium Bucket - A Grade 2 titanium bucket. Works best at 4.2 volts with a 7 second heat up time. Alternately, a range of 20-28 watts with a temp between 350F and 420F is within optimal use. 
  • Ceramic Bucket - A lab tested, food grade ceramic bucket. Heats best at 6 volts or between 27-30 watts. The optimal heat range is 400F to 450F.
  • Quartz Bucket - The quartz bucket vapes with the least amount of heat. Use 4.2 volts and a range of 15-17 watts. Optimum vaping temps for quartz buckets are between 350F and 400F.

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#16 SOURCE nail Attachments - Options Beyond The Split Glass Bubbler

SOURCEvapes nail Spaceship PercolatorBubblers are cool, but what about percolators and recycling? SOURCE makes that effort to meet your desires by offering some different glass attachments. Here's a list of what you have to choose from:

  • Glass BubblerPick up a bubbler without the split glass.
  • PercolatorKeeps your water in a separate chamber.
  • Spaceship PercolatorEnjoy multi chamber percolators. This one well...you'll have to see it to believe it.
  • RecyclerKeeps that water far from your mouth with no chance of back splash.

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SOURCEvapes 10cig 

#17 The SOURCE 10cig V5 - Highest Value Vape Pen Quartz Pen On The Market, Just $10

SOURCEvapes 5v 10cigWelcome to the SOURCE 10cig. You will not find better price for value at $10.00 with a battery and both a quartz and ceramic atomizer. The 10cig is thin as a #2 pencil and goes just about everywhere you do. Two atomizers that come with the 10cig are quartz single coil and white ceramic single coil units. 

The 5 volt battery and attachments are 510 threaded. The 10cig attachment fits any SOURCE battery.

SOURCE 10cig also includes the USB charger and a small dabbing tool. We can't think of a better use of 10 dollars when it comes to increasing your vape capabilities.

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#18 SOURCE 10cig Atomizers - 10cig Atomizer Accessory 5 Pack

10cig 5v Atomizer 5 PackGet your 10cig atomizer 5 packs for the best value in vaping. These are the single coil quartz and ceramic atomizers that fit the 10cig. The 5 pack of replacement atomizers will eventually be a necessity if you use the 10cig quite often.

These smaller atomizers fit only the attachment that comes with 10cig package. Though the attachments can go on any battery you do need the end piece and mouthpiece to use these atomizers.

Another benefit of having more than the 2 atomizers that come with the 10cig is the ability to load them up before hand. When the atomizer in your 10cig attachment runs out of concentrate, unscrew it and put in a fully loaded atomizer. Many SOURCE customers add the 5 pack of atomizers when they pick up the 10cig.

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SOURCEvapes orb 3

#19 SOURCE orb 3 Signature Kit - Best Value For Price Vape Pen Kit

SOURCEvapes orb 3 Signature KitSOURCE was the first company to introduce double coil atomizers with a quartz cups in the SOURCE orb 3 series.Instead of doing away with the SOURCE orb 3, SOURCE sees it as a high value device and continues to sell it alongside the SOURCE orb 4.

The biggest difference between SOURCE orb 4 and SOURCE orb 3 vaporizers are the atomizers. SOURCE orb 3 coiled atomizers do use titanium material, though they are not Grade 1. The SOURCE orb 3 does offer designs of coil-less atomizers as well, although not with removable cups. It also has dry herb atomizers, which the SOURCE orb 4 does not have. 

What comes with the SOURCE orb 3 Signature Kit? Start with the SOURCE orb 3 Premium Battery. It's a 650mah battery with 8 different voltage settings between 3.2v and 4.8v. The battery for the SOURCE orb 3 is not sub-ohm like the SOURCE orb 4, SOURCE slim 4, and SOURCE orb XL batteries.

We fill the SOURCE orb 3 Signature Kit with 8 different atomizers, including two Coil-Less terra designs and two dry herb atomizers. You get 3 attachments with the kit: the SOURCE orb 3 attachment, SOURCE slim 3 attachment, SOURCE globe, and SOURCE 10cig. A large eGo charger and micro USB cable are in the kit along with material tool, cloth, and all this comes in the sturdy metal SOURCEvapes padded carrying case.

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#20 SOURCE orb 3 Premium Kit - Best Price Vape Pen Kit

SOURCEvapes orb 3 Premium KitIf dropping the price means more value for you, the SOURCE orb 3 Premium Kit may be the way to go. It doesn't offer all the bells and whistles of the Signature Kit, but what you get is substantial. Beginning with the battery, it's the same SOURCE orb 3 Premium battery that comes with the Signature Kit.

Instead of getting 8 different 3 series atomizers, you lose one of the terra Coil-Less models and get only 7. You lose the globe and SOURCE slim 3 attachment with the Premium Kit, but you keep the 10cig attachment and the SOURCE orb 3  attachment.

The SOURCE orb 3 Premium Kit does drop the carrying case but of course includes the Fast Charger and micro USB cable. Finishing touches include your material tool, micro fiber cloth, and small round shatter container.

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#21 SOURCE orb 3 Pen Attachments - Choice Of Color Attachments

orb 3 Multi Color AttachmentsRally around the red, black, green, and blue of the orb 3 Accessory Attachments. Throw in yellow, grey, purple, and white for good measure. 8 different color choices are yours for the offering with orb 3 attachments.

Choose your favorite color as you place your order. In addition to your flashy new orb 3 attachment, you'll get 4 different series 3 atomizers. These include:

  • Quartz Double Coil Atomizer
  • Ceramic Double Coil Atomizer
  • Herb Hitter Atomizer
  • SOURCE terra Ceramic Donut Atomizer

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#22 SOURCE orb 3 Atomizer Accessory Pack - 5 Packs Of Different Series 3 Atomizers

SOURCEvapes orb 3 Series Atomizer 5 PacksThese 5 packs of series three atomizers will get or keep your orb 3 vaporizer up and running. Set your choice between 8 different series 3 atomizers. Mix and match the 5 pack, or keep them all one type. Here's the complete list of series 3 atomizers you have to decide from:

  • Quartz Single Coil
  • Quartz Double Coil 
  • White Ceramic Double Coil
  • Wicked Double Coil
  • Herb Baker
  • Herb Hitter
  • SOURCE terra Ceramic Donut
  • Quartz SOURCE terra

There's many choices here to meet your needs, as you can see. Go with the Wicked Double Coil for concentrates or one of the Herb atomizers for dry material. Check out the terra Ceramic Donut atomizers for Coil-Less action.

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#23 The SOURCE ghost 2 - Best Value Portable Dry Herb Vape Pen

SOURCEvapes ghost 2 VaporizerConcentrates are great but power is in the flower. Sounds good anyway and so does the SOURCE ghost 2 dry herb vaporizer. Better yet is the way the SOURCE ghost 2 works and all you get along with the order. First up is the SOURCE ghost 2 battery which uses a removable 18650 2100mah battery. Slip the rechargeable battery out and onto the charger. A backup battery will keep the dry herb hitting.

The attachment for the SOURCE ghost 2 closes off a ceramic chamber where you put your ground material. Set the battery to one of three different temp settings, depending on the hit you want to get. SOURCE ghost 2 batteries have temperature settings of 365F, 392F, and 425F.

Along with the SOURCE ghost 2 battery, attachment, and charger, you also get a dry herb grinder. Also try out the SOURCE wallet grinder card that comes along with a small herb tray, also part of the package. The SOURCE ghost 2 is a complete dry herb kit for on the go.

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SOURCEvapes slim 3

#24 SOURCE slim 3 Travel Kit - Best Price Vape Pen Travel Kit

SOURCEvapes slim 3 Travel KitYou like the SOURCE slim 4 travel kit but is it slightly above your budget? Never fear because SOURCE offers the slim 3. Perhaps not quite as durable, but powerful and efficient enough to give vaping satisfaction for quite some time. SOURCEslim 3 includes the SOURCE orb 3 Premium Battery and SOURCE slim 3 attachment. 

SOURCE slim 3 attachments work with any of the 8 different series 3 atomizers. The travel kit itself comes with 2; one quartz double coil and one SOURCE terra ceramic donut atomizer. 

The SOURCE slim 3 Travel Kit concludes with a material tool, cloth, and USB charger. All this inside a small sturdy metal travel case.

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#25 SOURCE slim 3 Attachments - 3 Series Pen Attachment

SOURCEvapes slim 3 Attachment PacksSOURCE slim 3 comes in attachment only form as well. Already got a battery? Well an attachment is all you need. Just make sure the battery is eGo threaded. Remember that SOURCE slim 3 is eGo threaded, while SOURCE slim 4 is 510 threaded.

The SOURCE slim 3 attachment comes with four 3 series atomizers. The pack includes the following atomizers:

  • Quartz Double Coil
  • White Ceramic Double Coil
  • Herb Hitter
  • SOURCE terra Ceramic Donut

The benefit that comes along with the SOURCE slim 3 attachment are atomizers that you can fill in preparation. Load your next one and screw into your extra attachment. Keep it close and handy for the moment you run out. You also get the dry herb atomizer that does not come with the SOURCE slim 3 travel kit.

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Final Thoughts About SOURCEvapes Pens & The Right Selection For You

As this buyer's guide and product overview come to a conclusion, SOURCE would like to first thank all readers, former, current, and future customers. We couldn't do it without you, and it's you we aim to please.

SOURCEvapes Company LogoAs you can see, SOURCE offers a lot of different options when it comes to vaping. You'll get the best value for your money by investing in one of our kits. SOURCE orb 4 and orb 3 vaporizers give our customers a price choice to keep everyone vaping. 

Mix and match SOURCE products if you like and create your on custom vaporizer. Just be sure to get right threading have have the right battery. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact SOURCEvapes. We'd love to hear from you. Until then, happy vaping.

Sincerely, the team at SOURCEvapes.