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  • SOURCE 10cig Makes VaporNation's July Vape Spotlight

SOURCE 10cig Makes VaporNation's July Vape Spotlight

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SOURCE 10cig Makes VaporNation's July Vape Spotlight

For those new to vaping or still unaware of VaporNation, they are one of the leading online retailers of vape pens. It's always an honor when VaporNation features a SOURCEvapes pen, because they know what they're talking about. VaporNation doesn't add products to a spotlight article unless they deserve to be there. Sure enough, second from the top is the SOURCE 10cig. Take a closer look at what VaporNation likes about this extremely affordable $10.00 vape pen.

SOURCE 10cig On The VaporNation July Vape Spotlight

VaporNation Company LogoImages tend to jump out before text does and you'll notice the size of the SOURCE 10cig by the hand that's holding it. A larger image on the VaporNation July vape spotlight shows the hand hiding the pen. It's very easy to keep the SOURCE 10cig on the low down. 

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VaporNation Dubs SOURCE 10cig "The Best Vape Pen Under $10"

SOURCEvapes 10cigAs the write up begins, it wastes no time getting into features of the SOURCE 10cig. They do state that it's surprisingly good for cheap the pen is. They show in imagery how discreet the pen is, and mention that fact in the write up. Another point that VaporNation makes about the SOURCE 10cig is how easy it is to load, and likewise clean. Though the write up is relatively short, most of its focus goes to SOURCE 10cig atomizers.

Thumbs Up By VaporNation On SOURCE 10cig Atomizers

It comes right out in the article that SOURCE 10cig atomizers are out of the ordinary. VaporNation speaks highly of the single coil atomizers because of their build. The atomizer VaporNation features has a quartz heating surface for slow tasty hits.

They miss mentioning the second ceramic atomizer that heats even slower than quartz. That's alright because VaporNation makes an even better point about the atomizers. Our titanium alloy coils last way longer than the other metals most cheap pens use. Whether it's quartz or ceramic you enjoy, the SOURCE 10cig truly gives you the best hits at this price range you will ever find.