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SOURCEvapes CEO Interviewed on Huffington Post

In a recent interview by Stacey Chillemi on Huffington Post, SOURCEvapes CEO, Carlos Garay, talked about the company and its line of products. He discussed how the company has come to be industry leaders with their line of high quality essential oil vaporizers.

He mentioned that the SOURCE orb 4 coil was based on the latest technology, and that it incorporates 5 new coil-less atomizers, a new Stainless Steel 303 build, and a new magnetic lock for quicker loading. With frequent product upgrades and new releases, SOURCEvapes always takes the customer's feedback into consideration.

He further emphasized on the safety of vape pens. SOURCEvapes is the only company to employ USA-tested Grade 1 and 2 Titanium -- which are the purest titanium grades in the world -- in their vape pens.

To use the SOURCE orb 4, users simply remove the magnetic top of the SOURCE orb 4 attachment, place the wax into their favorite atomizer, pop the magnetic top again, and that’s it!

Essential oil connoisseurs also appreciate the state-of-the-art design of SOURCE orb 4. Rather than using untested coils, SOURCEvapes has used the purest form of Titanium in the world. Also, SOURCE nail atomizers are the only vape pen convection heaters.

The game-changing SOURCE nail coil-less atomizer vaporizes essential oil without contacting the heating element that is in three variants – Grade 2 Titanium, Ceramic, and Quartz. In production, customers’ health and product quality takes the highest priority and has been the reputation of the company since inception.

Another thing about SOURCE orb 4 is that it can be used anywhere; it's also handy, and discreet for easy loading and vaping.

SOURCE orb 4 is also perfect for those with a preference for essential oil vaping. Like every product from SOURCEvapes, SOURCE nail portable eRig, SOURCE orb 4, and the entire SOURCE orb XL line, the purpose is to ensure that customers have an experience of true taste.

The SOURCE orb 4 is available on the online store.

Check out the insightful interview with SOURCEvapes CEO, Carlos Garay, on Huffington Post.

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