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SOURCEvapes Ceramic Tests Show High Quality, Food Grade Ceramic

SOURCEvapes, in our effort to produce the best quality vape pens using the best materials, has had the ceramic that is used in current ceramic coil-less and coiled atomizers tested by a US-based facility to ensure quality. The results were astounding, with the ceramic being used having the same composition as food grade ceramic.

 Take a look at the test below:

SOURCEvapes ceramic test results


As you can see, the SOURCEvapes ceramic has a high Alumina content, indicative of high quality ceramics. The ceramic used for this test is the same ceramic used in all of the following SOURCEvapes atomizers:

SOURCE terra 2 coil-less

SOURCE nail ceramic coil-less

SOURCE Quartz Plus coil-less

SOURCE orb 4 Gr1 White Ceramic double coil

SOURCE orb 4 Gr1 Black Ceramic double coil (cup only is made of above tested ceramic, rods are black ceramic fc2000)

SOURCE continues to deliver the best quality vape pens in the industry backed by the best warranty available. All atomizers are covered by warranty for 30 days and batteries are covered for life. Check out our collection of  vaporizers at SOURCEvapes!



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