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  • SOURCEvapes CEO Featured on Forbes' CMO Network

SOURCEvapes CEO Featured on Forbes' CMO Network

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SOURCEvapes CEO Featured on Forbes' CMO Network

SOURCEvapes CEO Carlos Garay was recently featured on a Forbes.com article discussing seasonal business practices. He explained that customer reviews can be an effective marketing tool. 

Forbes chose the SOURCEvapes CEO for this article due to SOURCEvapes' extremely high customer satisfaction rate. SOURCEvapes is currently rated the best vaporizer pen company, with over 5,500 reviews at astonishing satisfaction rate averaging 5 stars.

Mr. Garay was quoted as saying,

"During the off-season, you want customers to miss you. Leverage customer reviews not only for the benefit of learning, but also for marketing. Build your brand by releasing and broadcasting customer reviews for prospective customers to see. Take advantage of website pages, blog posts, social media updates, and email marketing. These will help you develop and your grow audience and customer base. Also, interactive content is now more powerful than ever."

The SOURCE orb 4, the 4th revision of the SOURCE orb line, continues receiving reviews averaging 5 stars, as did the SOURCE orb 3, SOURCE orb v2, and SOURCE orb 1. With the SOURCE orb 4, SOURCEvapes has revolutionized the vape pen by introducing coil-less atomizers that work on the SOURCE nail portable eRig, SOURCE orb 4, and the entire SOURCE orb XL line

In addition to the many 5 star reviews from customers, SOURCEvapes has received numerous vape pen reviews from a variety of vape critics, naming it the best vape pen manufacturer.

Check out the Forbes article featuring SOURCEvapes!


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