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SOURCEvapes Holidaze Feature on Herb.co

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SOURCEvapes Holidaze Feature on Herb.co
With 2016 coming to a close, and with the holidays less than 2 weeks away, there's still time to make this holidaze season really special for the loved ones in your life who love to vape!


Our top vape pens were recently featured on Herb.co, and Herb.co provided a break down of each our finest vape pens with recommendations based on people's personalities. 


SOURCEvapes on Herb.co
SOURCEvapes on Herb.co


"Their line of vape pens and products will make this holidaze really special."
- Herb.co


Having trouble deciding on a gift for someone who loves vaping?


Looking to give someone a really special holidaze gift that keeps on giving?


Herb.co's guide on the top 5 SOURCEvapes gifts shows you how each vape pen is unique and perfect for every type of personality, so let's see which vape product is the perfect choice for the fellow vaper in your life...


SOURCE 10cig v5 for Acquaintances & Coworkers

SOURCE 10cig v5 Herb.co

SOURCE 10cig v5 on Herb.co


Let's face it... Good quality vape pens that last long and produce tasty vapor can be pretty costly. So what do you do if you want to give a vape pen to a coworker or a new friend this holidaze season, without breaking your budget? 

Luckily, "the most affordable vape pen in the world" is also one of the strongest, and for just $10, you can give your friends and coworkers the gift of powerful and portable vapes with the SOURCE 10cig v5 vape pen!


SOURCE 10cig v5

SOURCE 10cig v5


SOURCE 10cig v5 is currently in its 4th edition, and it's only gotten better. We've upgraded to add single coiled quartz atomizers that vaporize faster, making this a portable vape pen that shouldn't be underestimated. 


SOURCE 10cig v5 Single Coiled Quartz Atomizers

SOURCE 10cig v5 Single Coiled Quartz Atomizers


Who would've thought powerful hits were even possible on such a small vape pen?

We saw the potential, and that's why we came up with the SOURCE 10cig v5 vape pen for all to enjoy on-the-go, at an affordable price. 



Dedicated Vaping Pros Deserve the SOURCE orb 4


This year, we released the latest generation of our coilless vape pen with the SOURCE orb 4. For any dedicated dabber, this is simply a must-have for their collection of vape pens and eRigs. 


SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen

SOURCE orb 4 Coilless Vape Pen

SOURCE orb 4 not only looks cool; it's portable and versatile as it accommodates the lightest and heaviest of hitters. The SOURCE orb 4 premium kit comes with 6 atomizers, while SOURCE orb 4's signature kit comes with 8 atomizers!

While there are some different varieties between SOURCE orb 4's premium and signature kits, this vape pen universally creates a range of intense, smooth hits that give control back to the user as he or she determines the intensity and airflow of their vape sessions. 


SOURCE orb 4 signature kit atomizers

SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kit Atomizers


Between both the premium and signature kits, users can choose from a variety of coiled & coilless atomizers that create different effects while vaping. The coiled atomizers are great for vaping at hot temperatures, while vaping with a coilless atomizer = less drippy mess! 


What also makes this vape pen so versatile is its magnetic lock. SOURCE orb 4's magnetic lock makes reloading your vape faster and hassle-free while on-the-go. All users have to do is push the pieces towards each other, and Voila... they can heat up their vape pen and get vaping within seconds!


SOURCE orb 4 magnetic lock vape pen

SOURCE orb 4 Magnetic Lock


"The threading from the SOURCE orb 3 has been replaced with magnets, making loading easy with this magnetic lock vape pen."

- Herb.co


It's being called one of the best vape pens on the market, and any avid vape pen user should have it. For dedicated vapers, give them their first vape pen made with a durable magnetic lock, with up to 6 - or 8! - different coiled and coilless atomizers as well! People are loving it, and they're taking it everywhere!



Music Fans Wanna Wile Out with the Strongest Vape Pen Ever.

SOURCE orb XL Herb.co

Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL on Herb.co


It's very likely you've seen this bad boy of a vape pen around at EDM or hip hop shows - and for legit reason. When we set out to create the strongest vape pen ever, we teamed up with DJ powerhouse, Flosstradamus, and we brought you the Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL.


Grade 1 Titanium Triple Coil Atomizer

Grade 1 Titanium Triple Coil Atomizer


This triple coil atomizer vape pen brings users the strongest dabs from coast-to-coast, and it's swept up a number of awards and website and magazine features in the process (Hello, Rolling Stone). SOURCE orb XL's triple coil atomizer is made with the purest titanium on earth, grade 1 titanium, that's also USA-tested.

Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL comes in a sleek design travel kit with the triple coil atomizer and our quartz coilless atomizer, which is also cross compatible with our SOURCE nail. 


Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL Promo Vid 


While the triple coil atomizer vapes faster and creates intensely pure vape clouds, the upgraded variable airflow system on Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL allows users to control how much air is coming into contact with their hits.


"With a volt 30w battery, users control the intensity of their hits by choosing from 8 volts of power. " 
- Herb.co


With a 500°F temperature range and a capacity to hold up to 1 gram of material, users are getting the most out of this powerful vape pen - and then some. It's also great to bring on-the-go, so if you can see the EDM/hip hop fanatic in your life vaping with this bad boy at an upcoming show, it's time to give them the gift of the most powerful hits imaginable. 


SOURCE slim 4 Vapes On the Go for Busy Beez


SOURCE slim 4 vape pen



We all have someone in our life who is busy, busy, busy. You constantly see them hustling between their job and their day-to-day routine, and maybe you just want them to relax every now and again. Now that is possible with our SOURCE slim 4 vape pen!


With the SOURCE slim 4 travel kit, users can vape whenever and wherever. It comes with a titanium quartz double coil atomizer that produces big and delicious hits on SOURCE slim 4's small frame. 


SOURCE slim 4 with the Quartz Double Coil Atomizer & Coilless Atomizer
SOURCE slim 4 with the Quartz Double Coil Atomizer & Coilless Atomizer


SOURCE slim 4 also comes with the same versions of the coilless atomizer that's seen on the SOURCE nail. For users who want less mess while on the go, a coilless atomizer is the way to go.

Who wants to deal with drippy vapes when you're putting in the hours and getting stuff done, anyways? The busy hustler in your life will certainly thank you for the SOURCE slim 4 coilless vape pen. 


The Gift of Daily Dabs with the SOURCE nail Temp Control Kit

    SOURCE nail temp control kit


      Any vaper will LOVE the SOURCE nail temp control kit


      Because this is a vape pen and portable eRig, all-in-one.  

      That's right. Users can choose whether to use the SOURCE nail as a vape pen or as an eRig. They can choose between the split glass bubbler for big eRig hits, or the glass globe attachment for the same intense hits in vape pen form. 

      Either way, it's portable, and it can go anywhere when it's packed in the temp control kit. With a 500°F temperature range, users can choose the intensity of their hits, and they taste great with the split glass bubbler or with the glass globe.



      ... and users get the whole shebang with the SOURCE nail temp control kit:

      3 versions of the coilless atomizer made with USA-tested grade 2 titanium, ceramic, and quartz, the SOURCE 40w temp control battery, a quartz carb cap, a dabbing tool, a microUSB cable, and both the split glass bubbler and glass globe, all in the sleek design travel case!

      It's our award-winning portable eRig system that also functions as a vape pen, and the special dabber in your life will simply love it, everytime. 


      'Tis the Season with SOURCEvapes

      We want to thank Herb.co for featuring SOURCEvapes on their holidaze gift guide, and from everyone here at SOURCEvapes, we want to wish all of you a

      Happy Holidaze

      and an awesome 2017!