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SOURCEvapes on Fox News

You heard that right. SOURCEvapes was mentioned in an article recently published on Fox News' website, and we've got the details right here!



The Art of Persuading Customers to Tell Your Story Is Becoming a Science 
by Dan Blacharski


SOURCEvapes Debut on Fox News

SOURCEvapes CEO, Carlos Garay, talked to Fox News about the growing prominence of customer reviews. As many of you already know, we believe in the power of your experiences and opinions, and we really push for your product reviews here at SOURCEvapes.



excerpt from
The Art of Persuading Customers to Tell Your Story Is Becoming a Science
by Dan Blacharski


With the surge of modern technology and social media in the 21st century, advertising and marketing has transformed - and we are all are behind this transformation. No longer do we need to rely on advertisements, commercials, and even the experts. With the ability to review any product or service, and publish it on the wide world web, it's very easy to get a true and honest feel for something.


"Millennials care less about what the experts say

and more about what their peers say"

- Carlos Garay, CEO of SOURCEvapes


#ExperienceTrueTaste, and Tell Us About It!

We encourage all of you to keep telling us about your experiences using our line of vaporizer products. We want you to get the best experience out of vaping with SOURCEvapes, and you can continue to do so by reviewing and connecting with other SOURCEvapes users.

Check out for reviews by vaporizer critics and helpful vape pen comparisons. Stay up to date for more news on our blog, and read the rest of the Fox News article featuring SOURCEvapes to learn more about the power of customer reviews. 


and keep your innovative reviews coming as we create better generations of vape products to come!

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