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StrainCentral Vapes with SOURCE orb 4 on Vegas Strip

StrainCentral is back at it again, only this time with the SOURCE orb 4 - in Las Vegas!


StrainCentral SOURCE orb 4 Vegas

Josh from StrainCentral is stoked to be in Vegas!


StrainCentral Dabs with SOURCEvapes in Vegas

With comfortable weather, Josh from StrainCentral is dabbing with the SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen while out and about in Las Vegas. It's perfect weather, and he's enjoying smooth, delicious hits in the sunshine.


StrainCentral SOURCE orb 4

StrainCentral dabs

Josh is vaping with the SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen


"So since the SOURCE is technically like a box mod, basically makes all vaping way, way, way too easy... This has been my go-to strip pen simply because it's discreet, it works, and it gets the job done... It's a really, really, really awesome pen."

- Josh, StrainCentral


SOURCE orb 4 Coilless Vape Pen

With a stainless steel 303 build, the SOURCE orb 4 is made with the healthiest material that's ever been used on any vaporizer. Ever since we upgraded the magnetic lock on the SOURCE orb 4 to make for more durable, cleaner, and faster vaporizer reloading, people have been calling this the best vape pen on the market. 

The best wax pen should give users the freedom to customize their dabs, and they can do just that with the SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen. The variable airflow system on the SOURCE orb 4 allows users to choose their air densities between 5 different settings; so vapers who prefer air buildup, and dabbers who prefer harder rips with less air contact, are accommodated and can experience their desired airflow intensity.


How to Further Customize Hits with SOURCE orb 4

The SOURCE orb 4's Signature Kit is a coilless temp control bundle that comes with a 40w volt temp control battery that gives users the freedom to heat up theirvape from temperature settings or wattage settings. With a 500°F temperature range, the SOURCE orb 4 is capable of creating the smoothest, low temperature hits, as well as the strongest, high temperature rips. 


StrainCentral 40w batteryStrainCentral shows off SOURCE orb 4's 40w volt temp control battery


SOURCE orb 4 is part of the SOURCEvapes 4 Series, and it can host any of the 4 Series atomizers. The SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen itself comes with a plethora of coiled and coilless atomizers that helps users further customize their dabs; but being part of the 4 Series, the SOURCE orb 4 can also host any of the SOURCE slim 4 atomizers, as well. 

The 4 Series atomizers include a variety of USA-tested grade 1 titanium double coiled atomizers and a new black ceramic double coiled atomizer that accommodates the runniest of vape materials. Dabbers can experience the hardest of rips with any of the double coiled atomizers.

4 Series coilless atomizers include the SOURCE terra 2 all-ceramic coilless atomizer, a quartz plus all-ceramic coilless atomizer, and the 3 coilless atomizers from the SOURCE nail portable eRig, which are made with grade 2 titanium, ceramic, and quartz. 

Coilless atomizers preserve more material and are also great for accommodating the runniest of material.


5 Setting Variable Airflow System Pictured with Coiled & Coilless Atomizers


The best vape pen allows users to customize dabs to their liking, and with the SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen's selection of coiled and coilless atomizers, users can perfect their smoothest, most intense hits.

#ExperienceTrueTaste with the SOURCE orb 4!


We're stoked StrainCentral enjoyed Vegas with the SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen!

Watch Josh vape with the SOURCE orb 4 in Las Vegas:




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