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The Quad Coil Atomizer Is Here: SOURCE orb XL Now Gets Even Bigger Rips

Quad Coil Atomizer With Black Ceramic is Here

We are proud to introduce our latest atomizer to the SOURCE orb XL line, the SOURCE orb XL quad coil atomizer. This atomizer is not just adding another coil to the mix. It brings a much heavier hit than the previous triple coil that was already rated the strongest vape pen ever by the Vape Critic. It also has some internal difference you may not be able to see right away, like black ceramic.

quad coil atomizer

More Than an Extra Coil

The SOURCE orb XL quad coil atomizer differs in more than just coil count when comparing it to the SOURCE orb XL triple coil atomizers. The new quad coil atomizers come in a different cup and coils. Due to the dimensions of the atomize it is placed in ceramic housing instead of quartz. The major change comes with the rods. Instead of non-porous quartz, we used porous black ceramic that absorbs your material.

Your SOURCE orb XL vape pen now can hold way more on the go. The porous ceramic holds your material as you vape, seeping it out onto the coil as you go. This helps you pack and go even more material with less dripping.

It's All On the Inside. Quality and Cross Compatibility Continue.

Existing SOURCE orb XL and SOURCE nail Owners Can Upgrade to Quad Coil Atomizers.

At SOURCEvapes, we want our customers to experience the upgrades in atomizer technology without having to buy a whole new vape pen every time. SOURCE orb XL quad coil atomizers will be standard alongside the SOURCE orb XL 2. However, existing SOURCE orb XL and SOURCE nail owners, including owners of the Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL, will be able to upgrade to the quad coil.

Quality, USA Tested Grade 1 Coils

On all our SOURCE orb 4 and XL series coiled atomizers we use only USA-Tested Grade 1 Titanium. And it does not stop there. SOURCEvapes only uses low iron content Titanium which is the best kind available for vaporizing. You are choosing the best quality metals are being used in your atomizers when you choose SOURCEvapes.

For Heavy Hitters

quad coil atomizer review

Quad coil atomizers are here, and they hit really hard. They do require a sub-ohm battery for operation and the recommended wattage is 15 to 20. All four coils going at full speed and you are ripping it. Check out this quad coil atomizer review from the Dab Rat Room to see how hard it hits as he takes a hit with it off his SOURCE nail.


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