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  • ‘Tis the Season with SOURCE orb 4 Coil-Less Vape Pen

‘Tis the Season with SOURCE orb 4 Coil-Less Vape Pen

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‘Tis the Season with SOURCE orb 4 Coil-Less Vape Pen


We’ve been featured on 2016’s 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Stoners list on Stuff Stoners Like , with the SOURCE orb 4 as the best vape pen for this holiday season. Let's look at what they had to say...

“If you’re looking for a simple and effective vape pen dedicated to concentrates that delivers huge tasty rips at low terpene-preserving temps, we recommend the SOURCE orb 4 premium vape pen.”

- Stuff Stoners Like

Why the SOURCE orb 4 coil-less vape pen?

The SOURCE orb 4 coil-less vape pen has had only positive reviews since its release in 2016. In fact, our happy dabbers and customers have raved about our SOURCE orb 4 coil-less vape pen, with some calling it the best vape pen of the year. With all of the possible gifts for essential oil lovers imaginable, the SOURCE orb 4 is the premiere coil-less vape pen this holiday season. 

SOURCE orb 4 vape pen works - there’s no question about it. It’s body is made out of stainless steel 303, which is the healthiest and safest material any vaporizer can be made of. The SOURCE orb 4 coil-less vape pen comes with both coiled & coil-less atomizers that are made from USA-Tested grade 2 titanium.

“The 2-piece SOURCE orb 4 vaporizer pen is super easy to load featuring magnetic locks - just pull the top, load, and click closed.”

- Stuff Stoners Like

SOURCE orb 4 coil-less vape pen is made with a magnetic lock that's durable and makes the process of loading essential oils easier, without the mess...

Less mess? The upcoming holidaze just got a bit better!


Stocking Stuffer or Under the Tree?

Dabbing enthusiasts deserve the best vape pen this holiday season, and with SOURCE orb 4 coil-less vape pen, they’ll get not 1 atomizer, but 6!

Get ready to wrap the SOURCE orb 4 premium kit up in that tie-dye or flower wrapping paper you’re stoked to use, because it comes in a lustrous box with 2 double coil atomizers, 2 quartz atomizers, and 2 coil-less atomizers!

SOURCE orb 4 premium kit also includes a 650mah Sub-Ohm voltage battery, a wall charger, a standard vape pen charger, a premium dabbing tool, a container, and a cleaning cloth.

So if you decide to surprise your special someone with the best vape pen around by hiding it in their stocking this holidaze season, you’ll want to make sure you can wrap up the rest of the SOURCE orb 4 goodies, too!

Celebrate, No Matter What!

While there are tons of different gifts for stoners, the quality of an essential oil vaporizer depends on the brand. The best vape pen can produce strong yet deliciously smooth hits at a low temperature, for a lifetime. We give our customers lifetime warranty for SOURCE orb 4 coil-less vape pen, and we hope you’ll give the gift of happy vaping to yourself or to someone special this holidaze season.

But whether it’s Christmas, Chanukah, or any other holiday, 'tis the season of happy vaping!

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