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What You Should Know About TItanium in Vape Pens and eRigs

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What You Should Know About TItanium in Vape Pens and eRigs

Titanium is one of the most popular material types used in vape pens today. In the form of both coiled and coil-less atomizers, it's a favorite among those looking Experience True Taste. Unknown to many consumers, many of these "titanium" atomizers can be made of a variety of alloys, and you should know what you are buying and that it's safe.

Not All Titanium is the Same

The majority of vape pens and eRigs are untested and do not specify the titanium type used. Since they offer no testing, we have no way of knowing if they use safe materials or not. Most titanium atomizers on the market today are made of titanium alloys. A titanium alloy can be safe, but most products are sold to the market completely untested. 

A step above titanium alloys are Grade 1 and Grade 2 titanium. Grade 1 is used in SOURCEvapes coiled atomizers, and Grade 2 is used in the SOURCE nail portable eRig.

More Than One Kind of Grade 2

Be sure to check what type of Grade 2 titanium is being used in your atomizers, as there are different variations of it. The key to look for is iron content. Low quality Grade 2 titanium contains a higher concentration of iron. 

Take a look at the picture below of the test of the SOURCE nail coil-less titanium atomizer

SOURCE nail Grade 2 titanium test

The above is a high quality Grade 2 titanium. It has 0.06% iron content. Iron is represented as "Fe."

Below is a picture of a test from lower quality Grade 2 titanium.

different titanium grade 2 types

Photo source: thedabstore.com

The iron content in the above test for the  generic Grade 2 titanium nail that was tested is 0.25%. This is more than 4x the iron as in the SOURCE nail titanium atomizer. While iron will exist in titanium nails, the higher content is evidence of a cheap nail where additional titanium was blended in, and is thus a less pure form of titanium. Most portable eRigs currently out are cheap re-labeled items that are replicated by many Chinese manufacturers, and the quality is completely unknown and untested.

If You Don't Know, Don't Buy

If the vape pens or portable eRigs you are looking at purchasing do not have any quality testing available, ask for tests, if they don't have any, don't buy it. If testing is available, use the above images as a reference to determine if the titanium is high quality or a low qualify variety stuffed with extra iron that should be avoided altogether.

In the future FDA regulations may weed out a lot of the lower quality vape pens and eRigs, but for the next two years, plenty of poor quality titanium parts will still be out there for dabbing.


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