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Top 5 SOURCEvapes Innovations from 2013 to 2018

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Top 5 SOURCEvapes Innovations from 2013 to 2018

In the past 5 years since starting SOURCEvapes, we've come up with a lot of new products and designs that have completely changed the industry! 

Here we've put together a list of our Top 5 favorite Innovations in our first 5 years. These innovations are the ones we're most proud to have worked on through the years. 

5. Atomizer Cross-Compatability (July 2014 - SOURCE globe 2)

SOURCE orb 1

Back in early 2014, we released the original SOURCE orb 1, and its new double coil atomizers were the best feature. A few months later, we brought those double coils to our SOURCE globe and SOURCE micro globe products, but these atomizers were different and needed to be smaller than those from the SOURCE orb 1

Customers wanted an easier way to switch between their products and atomizers. At the same time, we realized it would make both our and our wholesale partners' lives easier to have just 1 set of atomizers that work between multiple products.


SOURCE micro globe 2

From then on, cross-compatibility has been a core feature of our product development. Later on expanding to a 2-tier/2-size system with the introduction of our 1st XL Series product, the SOURCE orb XL in November 2015.

4. TIE: SOURCE terra 2 (May 2016 - SOURCE orb 4) / SOURCE core (June 2017)

We couldn't decide between our 4 Series SOURCE terra 2 or XL Series SOURCE core for number 4. 

SOURCE terra 2 slowly became one of our most popular atomizers with the success of the SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kit. Ceramic donuts and ceramic plates both had a problem with leaking when used with a very liquidy material, so we wanted a fully solid cup. The gooey material would also get stuck on the walls of atomizers, leaving customers hoping the sides would get warm enough to melt it. "Why not have the walls of the cup heat up?" we thought, and thus came to the 2nd generation coilless atomizers.


SOURCE micro globe 2

SOURCE core was originally going to be based on the "Miracle Coil" design, with upgraded material and standards. We ended up completely changing the design at the last second, and bringing the technology of our SOURCE terra 2 to this new atomizer. The XL Series' larger size is designed for people that want to use bigger loads of material. We wanted our customers to be able to fill and enjoy up to 1/2 a gram of material with minimal reloading.

SOURCE micro globe 2

3. SOURCE terra (Nov. 2014 - SOURCE orb 2)

Our original SOURCE terra coilless atomizer is not on this list because it was revolutionary like the others, but because it was our first coilless atomizer. Ceramic donuts became the rage a few months later, but other brands had them for a few months prior to us. 

SOURCE orb 2

SOURCE terra was our 1st step towards coilless designs. This product alone has gone on to influence our full product line and over 15 different coilless atomizers, including our number 1 on this list.

2. Quartz Coiled atomizers (June 2015 - SOURCE orb 3)

Prototype for SOURCE orb 3 Quartz Coils

The SOURCE orb 3 was our big breakthrough product and completely changed the vape pen industry. It was the 1st product to feature coils wrapped around Quartz rods and then encased inside of a Quartz cup. The taste and hits you got from this were unparalleled at the time, and the rest of the industry quickly followed. 

By the end of 2016, most coiled atomizers used this design and continue to do so. 

1. Removable Bucket atomizers (April 2016 - SOURCE nail XL)

Quartz SOURCE nail atomizers (10mm, 13mm, 15mm)

The innovation we are most proud of is the removable buckets from our SOURCE nail atomizers. Since the release of our SOURCE terra in November 2014, we wanted to replicate the hit from a nail into a vape pen. A Quartz banger in a vape pen. 

v1 SOURCE nail atomizers

Less than 2 years later, we released the 1st model of our SOURCE nail XL with our original SOURCE nail buckets. The first buckets featured a metal ring around the outside, meant to easily twist off the buckets. We changed this design within a few months, after receiving reports that the top of the ring would crush the quartz buckets if over-tightened. 

This led to our v2 and the current version with an inner ring. 

A month later, we made our dream come true with the release of the SOURCE orb 4. The SOURCE orb 4 is cross-compatible with bucket atomizers and gives customers the experience of a quartz banger in a vape pen. 

A little over a year later, we blew up the size and released the first 15mm SOURCE nail XXL buckets, followed by 13mm some months later. 

And 2 years after their initial release, we realized another long-term goal: American Quartz in a vape pen.

Our collaboration with Eternal Quartz is one of our most exciting projects right now. We hope this will give customers another degree of flavor and freedom. 

What's Next?

We're never one to rest on our laurels and are constantly coming up with new ways to make our products even better.

And this year's release calendar is no different. 

What's YOUR favorite? 

Let us know in the comments!