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Unboxing SOURCE orb 4 Coil-Less Temp Control Vape Pen by VaporNation

VaporNation, every dabber's cost-effective source of the finest vaporizers on the market, pulls up the SOURCE orb 4 coil-less temp control vape pen in their latest video.

Inside are 2 layers of vape pen goodies, so let's get a closer look inside...




Inside the much anticipated signature kit, dabbers will find the 2 piece SOURCE orb 4 coil-less vape pen, made of 303 stainless steel, the healthiest material around. The SOURCE orb 4 vape pen also comes with an updated, 5 setting variable airflow system that allows users to choose their own airflow and the intensity of their rips.

This magnetic lock coil-less temp control vape pen transcends the SOURCE orb 3 vape pen with coil-less atomizers and a magnetic lock that makes reloading your vaporizer easier, and more efficient. 



The SOURCE orb 4 coil-less temp control vape pen needs all of that room in its signature kit for 8 atomizers! 



Why do we include so many atomizers in the SOURCE orb 4 signature kit?


Every dabber has their preference of taste and rip intensity, so our 8 different atomizers cater to every dabber's needs.


If dabbing for the first time and using the SOURCE orb 4 vape pen, you will want to try the Grade 1 titanium quartz single coil atomizer because it produces milder hits with all the flavor.


As dabbers become more experienced, they may want to move up to double coil atomizers. The size of an atomizer has an effect on the intensity of a hit, so big cloud smokers will enjoy picking from 3 double coil atomizers in the SOURCE orb 4 vape pen signature kit. 


Dabbers who want a wide range of essential oil hits with less mess will enjoy smoking from 3 different coil-less atomizers. The coil-less vape pen atomizers include the quartz plus all-ceramic plate atomizer, the SOURCE nail Grade 2 titanium atomizer, AND the SOURCE nail ceramic atomizer.



We didn't need all of that room for just the atomizers, either. Every vape pen needs a cleaning cloth, a dabbing tool, and a concentrate container. The SOURCE orb 4 vape pen signature kit also comes with two different chargers.


Unbox the SOURCE orb 4 coil-less temp control vape pen signature kit for yourself here.

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