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  • That time we designed a bad Quad Coil, and Yocan Evolve Plus XL fell for Botched Design

That time we designed a bad Quad Coil, and Yocan Evolve Plus XL fell for Botched Design

SOURCEvapes Team on
That time we designed a bad Quad Coil, and Yocan Evolve Plus XL fell for Botched Design

YoCan Evolve Plus XL Uses Botched SOURCE Quad Coil Design?

If you are not yet familiar with the strongest vape pen atomizer, the SOURCEvapes orb XL quad coil atomizer, our competitors are. For years, competitors have copied our designs. The most famous being the Quartz coils (that are now standard) we first released with SOURCE orb 3 in 2015. After that, we decided to protect our future designs with Patent filings and bad mock-ups we do not intend to use. 

This included a bad alternative mock-up of our new XL Series Quad Coil; with the 4 coils wrapped around quartz rods in a square shape. 

We never had any intention of releasing this atomizer design, why would we? It's horrible. It's inneficient, the material put in would pool and be lost in the middle. Using quartz rods with 4 coils would make it too hot, burn the material and the flavor would suffer. 

So, what did we see when Yocan released their new Evolve Plus XL?

As you can see in our original design, the YoCan Evolve Plus XL has the same coil placement as our initial prototype. Do we know they intentionally replicated our design? No - but it's very interesting that they ended up with almost the exact same bad design.

When you look at this, you can tell that materials would not be evenly distributed. Everything would essentially go all over the place. Plus, material may get stuck on the middle or burn with this poor quality design - which is why we never planned to use it.

A Proper Quad Coil

Black Ceramic Instead of Quartz Rods

The first thing we did to get our design on point was use porous black ceramic to wrap the coils around. When you load a large amount onto the Quad Coil Atomizer, the porous black ceramic gives that absorption you need to hold more material and slow release.

quad coil atomizer

Diagonal Parallel Placement for Quad Coil

Coiled atomizers are not as efficient as coilless ones, no matter how you place those coils. However, coils do still provide a big rip and our users still love them. As well as placing the coils diagonally in a compact space, we placed them parallel to each other. This is the maximum efficiency placement we could achieve for quad coil atomizers. The Yocan Evolve Plus XL is the opposite, a model of inefficiency.

USA-Tested Grade 1 Titanium Wire

What type of metal is used in the YoCan Evolve Plus XL coils? Nichrome.

SOURCEvapes uses USA-Tested, Grade 1 Titanium wire in all our coiled XL Series and 4 Series atomizers.

SOURCEvapes: Quality Products Start to Finish

SOURCE brought you the first double coil quartz atomizer in a quartz bucket. Now, we bring you the first quad coil atomizer, with the quality materials you expect from SOURCEvapes products.

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