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G Pen Releases Quartz Double Coil - 1 Year after SOURCE orb 3

G Pen has followed suit on the rest of the companies that have released Quartz Double Coils, one year after SOURCE orb 3 first introduced them to the world. Of course, like Kandypens Galaxy and Dr Dabber Aurora, their atomizers are no comparison to either last year's model or the new SOURCE orb 4 new Grade 1 Titanium Quartz coils. 

G Pen Quartz Double Coil Nichrome coil atomizer Vape Pen

G Pen uses nichrome coils for their new atomizer, like those used in early vape pens or in eCigs, while SOURCEvapes uses USA-tested Grade 1 Titanium (the purest Titanium in the world), just like most dab nails use Titanium. This allows users to Experience True Taste and not "taste the coil," giving users a fresh taste of their materials  with every inhale. 

Of course, our earlier SOURCE orb 3 completely demolished in quality and value the G Pen original and the Snoop Dogg vape pen. And let's not forget they are absolutely no comparison against the incredibly priced SOURCE orb slim, which also includes a coil-less SOURCE terra ceramic donut atomizer, something G Pen has yet to release. 

Don't wait, get the Most Anticipated Vape Pen of 2016 and see what everyone is talking about. 

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