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  • Kandypens Icon 510 eNail Mod Continues Rebranding Products

Kandypens Icon 510 eNail Mod Continues Rebranding Products

SOURCEvapes Team on
Kandypens Icon 510 eNail Mod Continues Rebranding Products

Kandypens continues their onslaught of rebranding products already on the market, like the Kandypens Mini, and will be releasing the same rebranded 510 portable eNail everyone else has, named the Kandypens Icon. This same model released by Greenlight vapes is the same model released as the Dr Dabber Boost 510 and the Dabado Bolt, except they've made one change: it has a pink LED that glows when activated. 

Kandypens Icon 510 eNail Mod eRig Pink Wax Dab Rig Nail

Unless you really want a pink light when you're dabbing, the SOURCE nail Portable eNail completely blows this out of the water, just like the other brands that have already been released.

According to their instagram, it requires at least a 50w box mod, in comparison with the SOURCE nail eRig which only needs a 30w - 40w box mod, depending on the atomizer being used and the temps wanted. The nails from 510 eNails like the Kandypens Icon hold very little material in comparison to SOURCE nail coil-less atomizers. And of course, only SOURCEvapes has flawless compatibility between our Vape Pens and our Portable eNail, allowing you to use your coil-less atomizers on your SOURCE orb 4 or SOURCE orb XL, or even use your huge Triple Coil Vape Pen on your eRig. 

Finally, unless you want to dab off "mystery metal" like on the Kandypens Galaxy and Kandypens GravitySOURCE nail is the only Portable eNail that uses USA-tested Grade 2 Titanium, the same metal used in Dab Nails and Dab Rigs. 

Get the #1 Rated Portable eNail out now, don't wait. 

SOURCE nail Real USA tested Grade 2 Titanium Verified Test