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  • Kandypens Mini a Rebranded Product Already Out

Kandypens Mini a Rebranded Product Already Out

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Kandypens Mini a Rebranded Product Already Out

EDIT: Kandypens released the Mini in early September and it is a whopping $134.95! That only includes 1 atomizer, and replacements are $54.95 each, which are more expensive than a full SOURCE orb slim Travel Kit.

Kandypens recently teased their new product, the Kandypens Mini, and if you know vape pens, it might look very similar to other products on the market, such as the Atmos Kiln. That's because it's another rebranded product, just like most vape pens out on the market. It's the same product as the Kiln RA, which features the revolutionary idea of replaceable atomizers. This of course has been a feature of the SOURCE orb since it was first released back in 2013 (users had to replace the complete attachment when atomizers were fully consumed).

Kandypens Mini Ceramic Vape Pen Quartz Coilless Rebrand

Just like their Kandypens Gravity, it will feature two atomizers, a coil-less and a double quartz coil. Unlike their Kandypens Gravity and Kandypens Galaxy, which are both made of copper, this newer model will be supposedly made of all ceramic. A model will be completely sub-ohm (as are all rebrands of this same product), meaning that owners of the 2 other models will not be able to power the new product or attachment. Though they claim to be the "first" sub-ohm attachment, it is important to note that the SOURCE orb XL was released almost one year ago and the SOURCE orb 4 was released in June 2016, both of which are fully sub-ohm. 

More importantly, they also claim to have a temperature controlled battery, just like the Gravity and Kandypens Galaxy, and none of those batteries can actually control based on temperature, but voltage. It seems the attachment will also be sold individually, a first for the company, unlike SOURCE orb which has been available to our loyal customers with 4 different atomizers since SOURCE orb v2

Stay tuned for a full comparison between this product and the highly anticipated SOURCE orb 4 upon its full release. 

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