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  • Kandypens Pearl continues trend of No Innovation and Rebranding

Kandypens Pearl continues trend of No Innovation and Rebranding

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Kandypens Pearl continues trend of No Innovation and Rebranding

After teasing for months the fabled "new" Kandypens Pearl, it seems they are finally releasing it; and to no one's surprise, it's a rebrand of another company's product. The product has already been out for months under the name "Miracle Coil" and uses a Stainless Steel coil to vape the material. This can be easily seen since Kandypens even used the grammatically incorrect Chinese English from the original company on their marketing.

If you don't want to spend your kid's college tuition on a vape pen, look around for the unbranded original; or even better, skip the Stainless Steel coil vape pen and get a Grade 1 Titanium SOURCE orb 4.

This release has occurred after they released their rebranded Kandypens Mini for an exorbitant $134.95 each with replacements costing $54.95 for 1 atomizer!

Above you can find Kandypens' "original" advertising, and below you can find the advertising from Ecapple, the company that originally manufactures it. 

You can see they didn't even change the advertising lingo and the awkward sounding "Melting the wax." And since there is very little information from Kandypens, and dubious claims like "ceramic porous", it's best to see how this 510 sub ohm attachment works and how it compares when wanting to Experience True Taste

The way this works is there a Stainless Steel coil (you can see that line under the white atomizer) that is inside the hard shell ceramic atomizer. This hard shell ceramic is not porous; instead, when it's heat up by the Stainless Steel coil, the essential oil slides inside, to touch the Stainless Steel coil

That's right, it's just a fancy way to slide your delicious material into a Stainless Steel coil, just like eCigs. Not even a supposed "titanium" coil like they claim with Kandypens Galaxy, but a straight Stainless Steel coil. Pure Titanium, specifically Grade 1 and Grade 2 Titanium, have long been regarded to be the best metal to deliver flavor when enjoying your vape, and Stainless Steel has long been regarded as a "step back," like early eCigs. 

Stay tuned for the price when it's released, which after the Kandypens Mini, expect to mortgage your first home for one atomizer.