10 Cig REVIEW: Ted Barrus Unplugged

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10 Cig REVIEW: Ted Barrus Unplugged

You wouldn’t be able to guess by looking at it, but the SOURCE Vapes 10Cig is the most affordable vape pen in the world! The SOURCE 10cig vape pen is as stylish as it is well-designed, and now includes a quartz atomizer as well!

“I really like this product! I don’t think it’s very often [in the vaping industry] that you find deals like this”
-Ted Barrus unplugged

SOURCE 10cig Includes:

  • 1x SOURCE 10cig v5 Quartz Single Coil Atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE 10cig v5 Ceramic Single Coil Atomizer
  • 1x SOURCE 10cig 510 Threaded Battery
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 1x Dab Tool

Ted checking out his new SOURCE 10cig!

SOURCEvapes set out to make the most cost-effective, quality yet low cost pen they could. Enter the new and improved 10cig! Sleek, discreet, powerful and affordable.

“…Get ready to enjoy the ride…”
-Ted Barrus unplugged


  • As THIN as a #2 Pencil!
  • Slim Discreet Profile
  • Titanium Quartz atomizer
  • Easy-to-Load
  • Easily Replaceable Atomizers
  • No-Hassle Warranty 


Affordable Vape Pen for All

The price? $9.95! It’s so Inexpensive, people can’t believe this is a reusable vape pen. Ted Barrus was surprised to see what was included with the 10cig for such a small price. Only when he noticed the charger, he realized it was a keeper!

only $9.95 for a 10cig!

“I was shocked when I saw that (the price)! For $10 – I thought it was going to be disposable!”
-Ted Barrus unplugged


Quartz now Included!

The innovative SOURCE 10cig, is now in its 5th revision! While it still includes the classic ceramic coil atomizer, it now includes a quartz atomizer that delivers incredible taste! A Titanium alloy coil wraps around a smooth Quartz rod, encased in of a full quartz crystal chamber.

“Nice, tasty, smooth hits”
-Ted Barrus unplugged
Now including a QUARTZ atomizer

The SOURCE 10cig quartz coil atomizer offers flavors never experienced with a vape pen of this size. The 10cig is a compact dabbing device that efficiently preserves your materials.

“I had no idea that they give you a choice of both atomizers in there…this is an amazing product for $10. You cannot beat the price!”
-Ted Barrus unplugged

Simple Operation

The tiny SOURCE 10cig is portable and inconspicuous. Its ultra slim design makes it easy to carry and use while out and about. Just load it up, click it on, and you are ready to dab!

10cig is extremely simple to operate. The attachment in the middle comes apart for easy loading. The battery can be activated or deactivated by quickly pressing on the button 5 times.

Big clouds for a small vape pen

“It breaks down quickly and easily”
-Ted Barrus unplugged


Final Thoughts

The sleek Black Chrome finish makes this a stylish addition to any portable vaporizer pen collection. 

All in all, SOURCE 10Cig provides the ultimate entry portable vaporizer. SOURCE keeps the quality high and the price low. At under $10, this brilliant and economical vape pen is unmatched in value.

SOURCE 10cig

“It’s a pretty awesome thing!”
-Ted Barrus unplugged


See his full YouTube review below!