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FADED 4 U Previews the new SOURCE nail Portable eRig

FADED 4 U, aka Fresh All Day Every day has done an in depth preview of the SOURCE nail portable eRig, the first and only portable eRig to feature true temperature control. Full compatible with SOURCE orb 3 atomizers and orb XL atomizers, you can have extra versatility when paired with the best vape pen available. This enables users to switch from the SOURCE nail atomizers to quartz double coil, triple coil Grade 1 titanium and several others!

You can get both a portabal eRig kit  or a standalone eRig attachment that is compatible with most mod batteries.

The complete SOURCE nail kit includes a 40w temperature control mod battery, glass globe attachment, bubbler attachment, as well as 3 different enail atomizers.

"SOURCE nail is the newest component of SOURCEvapes’ SOURCE orb ecosystem to completely revolutionize vape pens…yet again." - Tony G, FADED4U

Click the pic below to check out the SOURCE nail preview!


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