Medical Jane Review - SOURCE orb 3: "Stand Out Amongst the Crowd"

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Medical Jane Review - SOURCE orb 3: "Stand Out Amongst the Crowd"

SOURCE orb 3

Medical Jane, which also reviewed our SOURCE orb v2 in November 2014 (you can find v2 on sale for 25% off HERE), recently reviewed our new SOURCE orb 3 and (like everyone else) they were very impressed. 

Some of the standout features they loved:

  • SOURCE orb has a very easy draw; you can effortlessly puff away without straining your throat muscles.
  • While both atomizers are certainly convenient, I mostly just used the dual coil  atomizer; this one provides consistently large hits.
  • The new “slim” version is much more sleek, lightweight, and stealthy than its predecessor — making it a great option for vaping on-the-go or in public.

Plus they also have some great pictures of our two most popular Quartz atomizers, the Quartz Double Coil atomizer and the Quartz SOURCE terra

(Click HERE to see the Vape Pen Review Comparison and see how SOURCE orb 3 compares against the PuffCo Pro pen, the Dr Dabber Ghost vape pen, and the Snoop Dogg G Pen vaporizer)

SOURCE double quartz coil and ceramic donut


Read their full review HERE, and get the SOURCE orb slim Travel Kit for less than $50 HERE

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