SOURCE orb 3 Signature Kit Review by Kevin O. of Toronto Vaporizer

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SOURCE orb 3 Signature Kit Review by Kevin O. of Toronto Vaporizer

orb 3 signature kit

Kevin of Toronto Vaporizer recently did an exclusive review of the SOURCE orb 3 Signature Kit. The first impression he got was its inclusion of more accessories than any other vape pen with its ultra modern design. The SOURCE orb 3 comes with 8 different atomizers and 4 different mouthpieces, which make this essential oils vape pen the most customized among its peers.

He noted the remarkable ease of use of the SOURCE orb 3. Users unlock the battery with five clicks of a button, and pressing and holding the same button will get the device to heat up. They can get a good draw within a few seconds. Also, an auto-shutoff engages after 10 seconds that prevents the unit from overheating.

The vape pen also has different temperature variants. Below the battery is a base that can be twisted to vary the voltage that runs from 3.2 volts to 4.8 volts, allowing users to choose up to 8 different settings that vary in strength.

While making the evaluation, he noted the excellent vapor quality of the SOURCE orb 3. The different atomizers and mouthpiece combinations allow for different user preferences. Each of the atomizers is slightly different, and while some are designed for maximum flavor, others are made to deliver thick clouds. You can quickly try to find out which balance meets your interests. Aside from flexibility and versatility, each of the atomizers perform according to user’s preferences. Options include single and dual coil quartz atomizers, SOURCE terra, quartz SOURCE terra, a ceramic rod, and even one with traditional silica wicks.

The SOURCE orb 3 is an example of quantity meets quality. It is made of high-quality material, putting customer satisfaction as a priority. It's also backed by the best vape pen warranty in the industry. The battery is warrantied for life and the atomizers are warrantied for 30 days, even if used.

The SOURCE orb 3 has a portable carrying case, which allows for an on-the-go vaping experience.

SOURCE orb 3 is the perfect vape pen designed to accommodate any vaping preferences. As with every product from SOURCEvapes, from the SOURCE nail portable eRig, to the SOURCE orb 4, and the entire SOURCE orb XL line, every product is designed to ensure that customers Experience True Taste.

To him, the overall experience of using the SOURCE Orb 3 is an exciting one, and he gladly rated "great" at 7.7 out of 10.

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