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For heavy hits, SOURCE orb XL "is it", says Baked Clam

Vlogger Baked Clam is vaping with SOURCEvapes once again, and this time, he's reviewing the strongest vape pen in our collection: the Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL


Review Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL


When we wanted to create the strongest vape pen ever, we teamed up with EDM hip hop duo, Flosstradamus, and created the Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL vape pen.  

It comes with coilless atomizers, the game-changing triple coil atomizer, and SOURCE 40w battery, and it produces powerful, versatile rips with effects that satisfy the heaviest of vaporizers lovers alike. 


Baked Clam summed it up best when he said:


"... this [SOURCE orb XL] is it."

Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL


and his vlog review of the Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL goes to show just how powerful this vape pen really is.


Triple Coil Atomizer

"SOURCEvapes has now one of the largest buckets I've ever seen...

3 quartz rods wrapped in titanium coils."

- Baked Clam


Triple Coil Atomizer

Triple Coil Atomizer


That's right. We've introduced the USA-tested grade 1 titanium triple coil quartz atomizer that holds and vaporizes up to 1 gram of material. With triple coils and a deep container, users can vaporize more at hotter temperatures, satisfying those who like heavy hits and big vape clouds.


Triple coil atomizer review

Baked Clam shows off the SOURCE orb XL Triple Coil Atomizer


Compared to other vape pens, SOURCEvapes is one of the only vape pen companies to make and sell a triple coil atomizer with USA-tested grade 1 titanium. With long heat retention and triple the power, users can expect powerful hits - fast! - with maximum flavor. 

High Times raved about the Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL and the triple coil atomizer, and on top of the improved variable airflow system, users are experiencing some of the strongest hits on the market. 


Triple coil atomizer review

 Triple Coil Atomizer heating up... 10 seconds in!


triple coil atomizer heating up

Heated up and ready for some Triple Coil dabbing action... 15 seconds in!


The triple coil atomizer heats up FAST, and Baked Clam is dabbing away within seconds!



coilless atomizer

SOURCE nail's coilless atomizer is compatible with SOURCE orb XL


For those who prefer low temperature hits with less drippy mess, SOURCE orb XL also functions as a coilless vape pen. The Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL kit includes 3 of the coilless atomizers that are featured on our SOURCE nail eRig.

Coilless atomizers produce hard hits that taste great at both low and high temperatures. Compared to coiled atomizers, SOURCE nail coilless atomizers provide deep removable buckets that preserve more material and ease the cleaning process.  


coilless atomizer repair

The pin on the coilless atomizer can sometimes be pushed down too far...
but can easily be pulled right back up!


When using atomizers, sometimes its pin gets pushed too far in. Baked Clam points out that it's easier - and more efficient - to pull up on the atomizer's pin using your fingers or tweezers. He says he sometimes uses his teeth, but we do not recommend this.

There is also another attachment pin on the 40w battery that can easily be pulled up with tweezers. Once the pins are pulled up, users are good to go ahead and attach the coilless atomizer onto the 40w battery. 


SOURCE 40w Battery & Variable Airflow 

The triple coiled atomizer and variety of coilless atomizers it is compatible with not only make Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL ones of the best vape pens in our collection but also the strongest vape pen on the market. SOURCE orb XL maintains its reputation as the strongest vape pen largely due to the SOURCE 40w temp control battery and with the newly improved variable airflow system


SOURCE 40w volt temp control battery

SOURCE 40w Volt Temp Control Battery


The Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL features a 40w volt temp control battery that gives users the freedom to individually adjust the wattage and temperature settings. With the 40w battery, users can choose to dab between 5w and 40w, or 200°F and 700°F. It's compatible with all other SOURCEvapes products, and users are loving the leeway to vape according to their preferences. 

With a 500° temperature range, the coiled and coilless atomizers get can go from really low temp hits to really hot, and users are hitting hot, intense hits within 15 seconds!


"That is definitely nice... I can definitely turn that down a bit...

Definitely hot, but it got rid of everything."


Variable Airflow System

Baked Clam shows off the Variable Airflow System


We've upgraded the variable airflow system on our line of vape products, and the airflow on the SOURCE orb XL vape only enhances the quality and intensity of hits. Users can determine the intensity of their dabs by choosing between 5 different airflow settings, and Baked Clam shows viewers just how easy it is to adjust the airflow on the attachment.



strongest vape pen hits

Heavy clouds with the strongest vape pen ever.


Clouds like that only appear with a 40w battery and an award-winning triple coil atomizer!


"If you guys don't like these coils and atomizers.... damn."

- Baked Clam


The man knows what's up. With a versatile triple coil atomizer, a top-of-the-line SOURCE 40w battery, and an upgraded variable airflow system, Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL is the strongest vape pen around that also functions as a coilless vape pen.


It's producing the biggest and cleanest rips out there, and you can watch Baked Clam hit some heavy dabs in his latest review of the Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL:

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