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Dab Rat Laboratories Reviews The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit!

Coming to you straight out of YouTube and from the Dab Rat Room. Don't miss the video review of the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit with coilless atomizers. Brent from Dab Rat Laboratories begins the show by introducing his new arrival, the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit. Right off the bat Brent thanks SOURCEvapes for sending over the kit for review. He also states his opinion about SOURCEvapes being neither his favorite or least favorite brand. Let's see if the SOURCE orb 4 changes his overall assessment.

The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit Video Review By Brent Of Dab Rat Laboratories

Despite the fact that Brent throws out a mid level ranking about SOURCEvapes in general, he likes the way the product line progresses over time. As he opens up the kit, Brent reveals an earlier SOURCEvapes review and has an old atomizer to show off the difference. He jumps off screen to look for it for a second and you can hear him searching the dab rat room. 

Brent returns with the old atomizer, but first he shows the new SOURCEvapes black ceramic double coil atomizer. He describes the new style, mentioning that it's a bit longer with less threads to have to turn. You get a short glimpse here of the double coils in the bottom of the atomizer.

The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit Features 6 Different Atomizers & A Variable Temp Battery

SOURCEvapes Temperature Guide To 4 Series AtomizersBefore Brent gets into showing off each of the different atomizers, he runs through the properties of each one. Later in his test trial, Brent uses the black ceramic double coil atomizer. Here he tells about the other 5 as they list below.

  • Single Coil Quartz Atomizer
  • Double Coil Quartz Atomizer
  • Double Coil White Ceramic Atomizer
  • Quartz Coil-Less Atomizer
  • Titanium Coil-Less Atomizer

As he's mentioning all the different SOURCEvapes atomizers, Brent shows the adjustable temperature knob on the bottom of the battery. The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Battery comes with 8 temperature settings! He explains that each atomizer works best for a certain type of material and at the right temperature. Brent displays the SOURCEvapes temperature guide for vaping on his tablet, which you also see right here. 

Contents Of The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit On Display

Contents Of The SOURCE orb 4 Premium KitNext up in the video, Brent reveals the contents of the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit. You already know about the 6 styles in atomizers and the sub-Ohm variable temp battery. Also on the top padded layer of the kit you'll see the SOURCE orb 4 attachment.

Taking off the top foam layer of padding, Brent begins to pull out the contents of the bottom half. First out is the SOURCEvapes micro-fiber cleaning cloth that has the SV emblem. He holds out the case so you can check the remaining charger, wall plug, tool, and silicone container. Brent also notifies you of the low $99.95 retail price which includes all the contents he displays.

Take a look at this point in the video of the old atomizers. Brent shows how much shorter they are as he holds one up to see. He also shows the inside bucket and describes how the coils burned out quite often. Brent discloses that SOURCEvapes will replace faulty units and relates their huge improvement. 

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The SOURCE orb 4 Attachment - Variable Air Flow System

SOURCE orb 4 AttachmentBrent does a thorough job on his reviews, and he's getting closer to vaping when he breaks out his favorite double coil black ceramic atomizer. It screws into the bottom half of the attachment, but Brent stops to show off the whole attachment and its variable air flow system.

With a slow turn at the top of the attachment, you can change the amount of air that flows through while hitting. Brent claims that old models wouldn't close all the way. He likes the new SOURCE orb 4 attachments with their ten port holes for air flow, and how closing it all the way makes it really tough to hit. 

Finishing off the attachment display, Brent shows the top half pull off its strong magnetic hold. You can easily screw your loaded atomizer into the bottom, then snap the top half back on. Also apparent about the attachment is the sturdy stainless steel build which Brent does praise. 

Brent's SOURCE orb 4 Test And Trial

After explaining that everyone prefers a different atomizer due to taste and how they hit, Brent starts getting ready to vape. He makes sure to check the proper temp setting for double coil black ceramic atomizers which falls between 3.7 to 4.2 volts. Returning to the setting dial on the bottom of the battery, Brent shows how to tune it in.

The moment you've been waiting for arrives. Brent sets the temp dial in at 4 volts to start, loads some material, clicks 5 times to turn on the battery, and takes a good hit. He sets the air flow just slightly open so that the pen is fairly difficult to draw. A bit of a choke, and Brent blows out a decent billow of vapor.

Feeling that 4 volts may not vaporize enough of the material for his preference, Brent turns the volts up to 4.2 and tries again. You can tell he gets a better hit. One last time with a different kind of material and Brent blows out a good coughing hit.

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Brent Gives His Dab Rat Laboratories Ranking On The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit

Brent is a tough critic when it comes to vape pens. He ends up giving the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit a score of 7 out of 10 possible points. Brent begins by ranking SOURCEvapes right in the middle of the companies he reviews. We think 7 out of 10 ranks better than mediocre, especially coming from Brent.  

Brent doesn't give to many hints as to how the SOURCE orb 4 can improve except to say it doesn't produce as much as he would hope. He means he wishes it would give off more vapor when it's hit. It did get Brent coughing pretty good, but SOURCEvapes is always listening. We appreciate the review and are always looking for ways to improve SOURCEvapes products.  


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