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The Dab Rat Room Reviews The SOURCE orb XL attachment and SOURCE nail with Perculator

Brent of The Dab Rat Room reviewed the SOURCE orb XL attachment and SOURCE nail with the percolator bubbler. Both of these have made their way into his lineup of vape pens he uses regularly.


SOURCE orb XL attachment comes with a a triple coil Gr1 Titanium and a coilless quartz atomizer

The SOURCE orb XL vape pen attachment is a favorite among vapers who already have a mod battery like Brent. Its open-source 510 attachment makes it an easy addition to your vape collection. It includes two atomizer types. One is a USA-Tested Grade 1 Titanium triple coil wrapped over quartz rods in a quartz bucket. The other is a coilless quartz atomizer with a removable bucket.

orb xl on mod battery

Above you can see the SOURCE orb XL base attached to a sub ohm battery. The SOURCE orb XL attachment is now in 510 threading, making for easy compatibility with most eCig batteries. SOURCE orb XL atomizers are fully compatible with the SOURCE nail portable eRig.

 "Super flavorful rips," Brent said, keeping it simple. With the highest quality titanium being used in our atomizers, with SOURCEvapes you will Experience True Taste.


The SOURCE nail portable eRig can not only use SOURCE nail coilless atomizers, but it's fully compatible with the SOURCE orb 4 and SOURCE orb XL atomizers. In this review Brent used the double coil black ceramic atomizer on the SOURCE nail.

Here is Brent taking the hit n....

SOURCE nail taking a hit

And here is the large vape exhale...

SOURCE nail clouds

After taking a hit Brent said, "Can't beat that Grade 1..... that's how its supposed to taste," referencing the USA-Tested Grade 1 Titanium coils. At SOURCEvapes we use the highest grade titanium on our coiled atomizers to deliver the best taste possible.

Overall, Brent rated the SOURCE orb XL attachment and SOURCE nail as an excellent 9/10.

 Check out the full video below!


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