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Dope Magazine Recommends SOURCE nail Portable eRig in December 2016 Issue

SOURCEvapes was featured on Dope Magazine!

 SOURCE nail portable eRig was recently featured on Dope Magazine's 'Products We Love' for December 2016, and we couldn't be more stoked about it!



SOURCE nail is the only portable eRig on the market that functions as a vape pen. It allows for easy-to-load hits while on the go that can be customized to the user's preference. 





It takes only 7 seconds to heat up! Most vape pen batteries on the market are 510 threaded, and SOURCE nail is compatible with 510 threaded vape pen attachments. With a 510 threaded setup and a wide selection of atomizers, SOURCE nail allows users to efficiently vape their materials




 “SOURCE vape's battery-controlled, portable e-rig features a split glass bubbler for better airflow.”
- Dope Magazine


 With SOURCE nail, users get a portable eRig with a 500°F temperature range battery that's rechargeable and accommodates low temperature and high temperature dabbers.  

SOURCE nail come with a bubbler attachment and a glass globe attachment. The glass globe attachment allows users to experience a portable eRig experience in vape pen form! 


SOURCE nail glass globe vape pen attachment

SOURCE nail's Glass Globe Attachment


SOURCE nail comes with 3 coilless atomizers with removable buckets that are very easy to clean and hold the runniest materials. SOURCE nail's coilless atomizers are made with ceramic, quartz, and USA-Tested grade 2 titanium

XL Series atomizers are compatible with SOURCE nail, so heavy vapers looking for versatile and intense hits can dabbing with the triple coil atomizer on SOURCE nail. 


triple coil atomizer

Triple Coil Atomizer


Read Dope Magazine's 'Products We Love' for December 2016, featuring SOURCE nail!


SOURCE nail portable eRig




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