Drew Grow Unboxing & Overview Of The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit

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Drew Grow Unboxing & Overview Of The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit

Sometimes when you want to check out a product, there's nothing better than a quick unpackaging and overview video. That's exactly what you get with Drew Grow and the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit. Dedicate just over 2 minutes of time to his video and see the complete kit. You also get an explanation of the battery, coilless atomizers, and attachment as he goes through each one. 

Unboxing And Overview Of The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit By Drew Grow

SOURCE orb 4 Premium KitThe video begins close up of Drew's hands and the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit in its clear plastic case. He slides the case out from the plastic sleeve and you can see the contents of the top layer. Notice the battery and attachment have a cool chrome color. In addition, 6 different atomizers line the top layer of the kit.

Clearing Up The Atomizers & Coils

Drew has it almost right when he says the coils are quartz. It's okay Drew, this stuff gets confusing. To be clear, the SOURCE quartz atomizers are the coil-less ones you see in the kit. Actually, one has a quartz bucket and one a titanium bucket. The other 4 atomizers use Grade 1 titanium coils wrapped around ceramic rods. 

SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit Atomizers

  • Quartz Single Coil atomizer
  • Quartz Double Coil atomizer
  • Black Ceramic Double Coil atomizer
  • White Ceramic Double Coil atomizer
  • Quartz Plus atomizer
  • SOURCE nail Titanium atomizer

These are all SOURCEvapes 4 series atomizers. The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit comes with one of each.

Battery & Attachment

SOURCE orb 4 Attachment With Magnetic LockDrew picks up the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Battery and SOURCE orb 4 Attachment, one in each hand. He lets you know their construction includes 303 stainless steel, and you can tell they weigh heavy in his hand. 

Watch here as Drew shows how to assemble the SOURCE orb 4 vape pen. He screws the whole attachment onto the battery first. Then he shows how to access the atomizer chamber within the attachment. The attachment features a break in the middle where it holds together by a strong magnet.

This allows Drew to remove the upper half and screw the atomizer into the bottom half of the attachment. Plop the top back onto the bottom with a magnetic snap and the vape pen is ready to go. Drew also shows the variable air flow system's port holes near the top of the attachment, and mentions the battery's variable temp control. 

Remainder Of The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit

Bottom Half Of The SOURCE orb 4 Premium KitDrew removes the top layer of foam padding that makes up the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit. This reveals the final contents of the kit within a second layer of foam padding. Here you'll see the USB charger along with its SOURCEvapes wall plug. There's a microfiber cleaning cloth, material tool, and SOURCEvapes material container as well. 


Drew doesn't rank the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit but he does state, "excellent product." He mentions the price of $99.95 and that it comes with a no hassle lifetime warranty. Drew reinforces the fact that titanium coils don't give off gas. He makes the mistake again of saying quartz coils, but it's titanium that doesn't off gas. The point is that it's safe and it doesn't give a metallic taste. Drew does mention a drawing to give the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit away. There may be time still left to enter.