EpicHerbReviews and Danielle from The Dab Spot Try Out SOURCE nail

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EpicHerbReviews and Danielle from The Dab Spot Try Out SOURCE nail

EpicHerbReviews aka IndoorSmokers, just reviewed the SOURCE nail portable eRig with Danielle from The Dab Spot. EpicHerbReviews is one of the most popular vape reviewers on the internet, with his total views now into the millions. He previously reviewed the original SOURCE orb, Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL and SOURCE orb 3.

SOURCE nail features coil-less atomizers in three varieties: quartz, ceramic, and USA-Tested Grade 2 Titanium. In this review, they got very milky hits using the coil-less eRig.

The three atomizers offer options for your dabbing preferences. The titanium coil-less atomizer offers harder hits, similar to a traditional titanium dab rig nail. The quartz offers a smoother hit and the ability to get low temp hits. Ceramic delivers a mid range hit strength, yet still smooth.

He was particularly impressed by how it stacked up against traditional plug in e-Nails, saying, "This thing works well and the other thing is, besides those plug in ones, is you don't gotta wait," referring to the atomizers heating up very quickly in voltage mode off of the included SOURCE volt 40w box mod battery. SOURCE nail truly is a portable eRig offering the flavor of coil-less atomizers with power coming close to a plug in unit.

Check out their video below!


Regarding the overall quality of the unit, IndoorSmokers said  "This eNail **** is next level!" Danielle from The Dab Spot was particularly impressed by the flavor delivery of the dab rig, stating "Damn that is good flavor. I am impressed!"

SOURCE nail is leading the charge as the highest quality portable eRig on the market. Check out our comparisons to the Dabado Bolt, Dr. Dabber Boost, and CloudV Electro to see for yourself.

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