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Epic Herb Reviews Takes Some Rips on the Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL!

Epic Herb Reviews just reviewed the Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL coil-less vape pen that also features a triple coil atomizer calling it "an awesome vape on the go!" Recently named "The Strongest Vape Pen Ever" by the Vape Critic, this triple coil vape pen has been now paired with a coil-less quartz atomizer that offers an unbelievable smooth hit.

He was one of the first people to do a SOURCE orb 1 review, and has consistently praised the SOURCE orb v2, and SOURCE orb 3 as being the best vape pen technology. Now he is enjoying the unmatched strength of the Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL.

This vape pen offers a wide versatility with a 30w box mod battery and variable airflow as noted by Epic Herb Reviews, "Between the wattage and the airflow, you can find that sweet spot." 

Although coil-less atomizers are becoming a favorite to many, the triple coil USA-Tested Grade 1 Titanium atomizers still pack a punch for that heavy hit. "Them triple quartz coils hit like no other!" he said after taking a large rip. Check out the Epic Herb Review below!

Now that you have seen the strongest vape pen in action, get yours today!


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