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StonerheadsRus' Expert Review of SOURCE nail Portable eNail Attachment

 “The future of dabbing is here and seems like it is here to stay…” That's what the experts at ‘StonerheadsRus’ had to say about the new SOURCE nail. This state of the art portable eNail attachment is proving a real hit with vape aficionados.

If you’re looking for an in-depth review about the ins and outs of the SOURCE nail, then you’ve come to the right place. These guys give the inside track on the eRig vaping experience, covering the coil-less atomizers, material tool and setting wattage with their box mod battery. The SOURCE nail is also available as a complete kit that features a 40w temperature control box mod specifically designed for vaping.

They loved the quality of the incredibly smooth hits off this eRig that can turn into a portable vape pen. StonerheadRus certainly enjoyed testing the SOURCE nail. They also and really loved finding the best techniques to bring the best results out of this awesome coil-less atomizer.

Their summary of its performance was " can obtain a smooth and milky hit every time with a huge cloud to follow.  All this without a torch or electric cord."

 See what their in depth review by clicking the link below.

SOURCE nail review by StonerheadsRus


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