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Baked Clam Calls the SOURCE nail Portable eRig "Game Changing"

Vape vlogger Baked Clam keeps it real while unboxing the SOURCE nail portable eRig temp control kit, and he experiences some pretty powerful dabs in the process.

Throughout his review, Baked Clam shows viewers how the SOURCE nail functions as a vape pen in addition to being a portable eRig. 

Leafly called SOURCE nail "the best portable eRig", and now, in his recent in-depth, entertaining vlog review, Baked Clam calls it "game changing."


SOURCE nail erig


"This one right here [SOURCE nail] 

is game changing"


SOURCE nail review



SOURCE nail Carrying Case & Other Goodies

Before Baked Clam gets baked, off-the-bat he explains how SOURCE nail's portability sets it apart from other eRig brands. With the little carrying case, powerful eRig dabs are possible, anywhere and on-the-go.


SOURCE nail kit
"This case is dope and small." 


The carrying case possesses everything a dabber could ever possibly need:

3 versions of an innovative, cross-compatible eRig coilless atomizer

glass bubbler

 glass globe mouthpiece

 carb cap

dab tool

microUSB cable

SOURCE volt 40w temp control battery

cleaning cloth

... all neatly and safely tucked away into the protective carrying case.


SOURCE nail kit

 SOURCE nail Portable eRig Temp Control Kit


With the carrying case, the bundle of dab goodies can come along for the trip as users interchange between eNail and vape pen... because they finally can dab as they want and when they want.


SOURCE nail kit

Baked Clam showing off SOURCE nail atomizers & glass bubbler



Baked Clam goes over 3 different, "really deep" coilless atomizers that are included in the SOURCE nail portable eRig kit. SOURCE nail users get the USA-tested Grade 2 titanium coilless atomizer, the quartz coilless atomizer, and the ceramic coilless atomizer.


The coilless buckets on these atomizers make it easy for users to clean out and preserve more material. With coilless atomizers, there's less drip, and users can experience different dabs depending on the coilless atomizer type


coilless atomizer

SOURCE nail Ceramic Coilless Atomizer 


During this vape sesh, Baked Clam opts for the quartz atomizer. The quartz coilless atomizer on the SOURCE nail vaporizes faster than any other atomizer in the temp control kit.

Whether users want heavy dabs or the experience of tasting their essential oils full throttle, the quartz coillless atomizer is best for bringing out flavor across SOURCE nail's 500°F temperature range.


SOURCE nail parts

Grade 2 Titanium, Ceramic, and Quartz coilless atomizers with SOURCE nail bubbler & globe


The variety of coiless atomizers provides users control over the intensity of their dabs, in addition to having the choice between using SOURCE nail as a vape pen or a portable eRig. This variety of atomizers also helps users adapt to the various consistencies of their essential oils. 


Portable Battery

temp control battery

Baked Clam shows how the 40w volt temp control battery works


Most portable eRigs on the market come with big, hunking batteries that can be a hassle to carry around. People want to share these devices with their friends, but with the large size of some batteries, it's a hassle to bring these portable eRigs anywhere.

Though smaller than the batteries on traditionally larger eRigs, SOURCE volt 40w temp control battery possesses the same power to produce dabs that hit hard.


40w battery

SOURCE 40w Volt Temp Control Battery


"Now, you have your battery... Do you see this? It's small. It's not this super long thing. This is a portable battery...
Once you turn this thing on, it has 2 different options,
and I love this because you can choose between wattage and temperature."
- Baked Clam


Users can choose to fire up their dabs with wattage or temperature on the 40w volt battery. Temperatures range between 200°F and 700°F, and for users who want temperature control, they need to press the power button 5 times. For users who prefer wattage control, the power button should be pressed 3 times. 


Some dabbers like low temperature dabs, while others prefer fast hits at high temperatures. SOURCE nail caters to all dabbing preferences and styles, and the dabbing adaptability doesn't stop at the 40w volt battery, either. 



SOURCE nail Glass Globe

SOURCE nail comes as a vape pen and as a portable eRig. Each method brings its own experience without compromising the intensity and flavor of hits.


glass globe vape pen

SOURCE nail Glass Globe


"One thing that is unique about this one, that is game changing...

It's literally just a glass piece with a carb hole on the side.

So you pretty much have a portable ******* rig right here."


glass globe vape pen


So what Baked Clam is talking about in this segment is the SOURCE nail glass globe. When users want to vape, the glass globe is the go-to piece for strong hits.

SOURCE nail's glass globe creates the vape pen experience with an eRig flair. While this piece is smaller than traditional eRig glass bubblers, it still produces powerful dabs.


"That was cool. I like that a lot...
watch, I betcha I can get another one off it right now."


glass globe dabs


(he actually got 2 more hits off that dab while vaping with the globe.)


SOURCE nail 510 eRig Attachment

510 eRig attachment

510 eRig Attachment


After warming up with the glass globe, Baked Clam transitions over to the SOURCE nail 510 eRig attachment. Compared to any traditional eRig system, the SOURCE nail is designed similarly - but a bit smaller, and like a bubbler. 


beautiful eRig dabs

Beautiful hit on the 510 eRig Attachment...


The 510 eRig Attachment not only looks sleek. It also accumulates tons of vapor without weakening the flavor. So with a bit of water, dabbers enjoy intense hits with maximum flavor and smoothness.

It's pretty powerful...


eRig dabs


and spill-proof, too.

spill-proof eRig


"... for a portable eNail, this thing goes HAM."

- Baked Clam


SOURCE nail portable eRig review


You heard the man. We go HAM here at SOURCEvapes, and you can experience purely powerful hits with the SOURCE nail portable eRig & vape pen kit.

For those searching out the eRig experience, who are already rocking out the SOURCE 40w volt battery and any compatible SOURCE coilless atomizer, the 510 eRig Attachment is sold separately.

Looking to add an eRig flair to your SOURCE vape pen collection? The SOURCE nail glass globe is also sold separately from the temp control kit. 



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