High Tech Testers Unpackaging & Review Of The SOURCE orb 4

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High Tech Testers Unpackaging & Review Of The SOURCE orb 4

It's easy to find yourself on a vape website and see a pen that looks promising, only to buy it and realize it's a piece of junk. Luckily you have YouTube and throng of vaporizer critics to help uncover the truth about different products. It's one thing to read a marketing description and see a picture. Viewing a product on video and listening to a knowledgeable description, however, offers a benefit to shoppers for which there is no substitute. When the subject surrounds vape pens, High Tech Testers knows the ropes. Here's a bit of insight into their video unpackaging and review of the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit

SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit Unpackaging & Review By High Tech Testers

SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit coilles vape penWithout any hesitation, High Tech Testers displays the SOURCE orb 4 coiless vape pen and begins the unpacking. You might notice the switch from the usual chrome pen color to the gold plated stainless steel this one has. It's a point of personal preference, and both options look pretty sharp. At this point in the video, the top contents of the kit are also in clear sight. 

There's the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Battery, the SOURCE orb 4 Attachment, and 6 different atomizers that come with the  vape pen kit. All parts come in a strong plastic slide out case with padded foam protection. Before revealing the bottom layer and remaining parts of the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit, High Tech Testers runs through the 6 atomizers. 

6 Atomizers In The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit

Right from the start, you can see the six atomizers where they sit inside the case. High Tech Testers gives a close up from the top and view into the coils along with a short description of each atomizer. Here's the list of SOURCEvapes atomizers:

  • Quartz Plus atomizer
  • SOURCE nail Titanium atomizer
  • Quartz Single Coil atomizer
  • Quartz Double Coil atomizer
  • Black Ceramic Double Coil atomizer
  • White Ceramic Double Coil atomizer

6 Atomizers In The SOURCE orb 4 Premium KitNote that these are all SOURCEvapes 4 Series atomizers. The gentleman from High Tech Testers doing the review raves about the first two coil-less atomizers. He states that, "...they are absolutely fantastic and I highly, highly recommend them." The benefits, he goes on to say, are that coils sometimes combust your material while these atomizers never will (unless you go high temp).

Showing The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Battery & Attachment

After explaining his thoughts about the atomizers, the guy from High Tech Testers (all you see are his hands) assembles the attachment and battery. It's a simple screw in procedure using the 510 threads. You'll be able to see that the SOURCE orb 4 Attachment comes apart with a chamber in the middle for the atomizer. High Tech Testers shows off the magnet that holds the two pieces together. He explains it has a much stronger grip than SOURCEvapes older models

Next comes the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Battery. 5 clicks of the thumb engages its on/off mechanism and the battery is ready to heat. Once you attach and load your atomizer, push and hold the blue LED lit button to hit the pen.

Bottom Contents Of The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit

Bottom Contents Of The SOURCE orb 4 Premium KitYes, the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit protects its remaining contents in a second layer of foam padding that you can't see from the clear case. High Tech Testers removes the top foam and gives a view of the bottom half. Here's what you see:

  • Thank You Card And Website For User's Manual
  • Gold Color Material Tool
  • Large 510 Charger
  • Silicone Material Container
  • SOURCEvapes Micro Fiber Cloth

High Tech Testers Conclusion & Review Of The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit

The video by High Tech Testers isn't a use and show how it works type of review. Instead, you get a very clear view of what the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit contains. You also can make a fair assessment of the quality and durability of the pen. High Tech Testers doesn't give the SOURCE orb 4 a score, but it doesn't really matter. The reviewer states that he really doesn't like most vape pens, but the SOURCE orb 4 is an extreme exception. He goes so far as to say that it's his favorite vape pen to date. Check out the video and take it from the pro over at High Tech Testers.