Hilarious Review of SOURCE orb 4 with EpicHerbReviews

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Hilarious Review of SOURCE orb 4 with EpicHerbReviews

EpicHerbReviews is back at it again with all the hilarity,

and this time while reviewing the


SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen!


SOURCE orb 4


SOURCE orb 4 EpicHerbReviews

Chris, Mike, and the SOURCE orb 4 vape pens


Chris of EpicHerbReviews, with his buddy Mike, are vaping with the SOURCE orb 4 this vlog sesh, and they give a breakdown of this groundbreaking vape pen...


... and they pull off some funny shenanigans along the way. 


SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen



SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit & Quartz Attachment

Chris and Mike are vaping with the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit, as well as with the SOURCE orb 4 coilless quartz attachmen! 

SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit features the vaporizer pen that's made with stainless steel 303 (the healthiest material a vape pen has ever been made with). It's a coilless vape pen that's compatible with 4 Series atomizers. 

The Premium Kit comes with 6 different atomizers, which include single coils, double coils, and coilless atomizers. It comes with a single coil and multiple double coil USA-tested grade 1 titanium atomizers, AND a grade 2 titanium coilless atomizer. Titanium atomizers quickly vaporize at really hot temperatures without compromising flavor. No wonder Chris opted to vape with one this episode!


SOURCE orb 4 premium atomizers

Talking about the SOURCE orb 4's titanium atomizers


Let's face it. Materials can be pretty runny and messy, and  it's all-too-common for material to get caught in the coils. With coilless atomizers, there's less drippy mess, and users are able to clean more easily, and preserve more material as a result. Plus - they heat up just as well as titanium atomizers! The Premium Kit also features a quartz plus ceramic coilless atomizer in addition to the grade 2 titanium coilless atomizer. 


SOURCE orb 4 premium kit atomizers

4 Series coiled & coilless quartz, ceramic, & titanium atomizers


In this episode of EpicHerbReviews, Mike is using a SOURCE nail coilless grade 2 titanium atomizer, while Chris is vaping with one of the double coiled titanium atomizers from the Premium Kit.  

Mike's SOURCE orb 4 attachment comes in a separate package with 3 double coiled USA-tested grade 1 titanium atomizers and the SOURCE nail coilless grade 2 titanium atomizer. 


grade 1 titanium atomizers

Showing off one of the SOURCE orb 4's coilless atomizers


But before the guys get vaping, Mike wants to show the audience his...



Dabbing with Boba Fett

... Boba Fett belt!


Magnetic Lock & 5 Setting Variable Airflow System

When we created the SOURCE orb 4, we created a completely upgraded vape pen that caters to all styles of vaping. Whether you're a heavy hitter or a low temperature dabber, the SOURCE orb 4 is the vape pen for you. 

Part of what makes the SOURCE orb 4 so innovative is the magnetic lock that allows vapers to reload their vape pebn faster and easier. Traditional vape pens require users to screw and unscrew their vape pen attachments; but with the SOURCE orb 4, users just pull the attachment apart, and put it back together, in a snap. We've upgraded the magnetic threading so it's more durable, too.


EpicHerbReviews magnetic threading

Reviewing SOURCE orb 4's magnetic lock


The SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen also features an improved variable airflow system. Users can choose their desired airflow density between 5 settings. Between 5 settings of variable airflow, and being able to choose from a variety of coiled and doubled coiled ceramic, quartz, and titanium atomizers, users truly can vape to their liking - more than ever before.


SOURCE orb 4 variable airflow system

Showing off the SOURCE orb 4's variable airflow system


Once users have chosen their atomizer and which airflow setting to dab with, all they have to do is load up their materials, and turn on their SOURCE orb 4.


turning on SOURCE orb 4 vape pen

Chris adjusts the voltage on his SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit vape pen


Because Chris is vaping with the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit, he has to turn his battery on, and twist the bottom ring of his vape pen to adjust the voltage setting. 

Since Mike is vaping with his SOURCE orb 4 attachment and 40w volt battery, he can choose between powering up his dabs with either the temperature or voltage settings. He chooses to vape on the 3rd airflow setting. 


EpicHerbReviews Dabs with the SOURCE orb 4

So what did the guys of EpicHerbReviews think of the SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen?




"It works really good. *coughs* "

- Mike
vape cloud EpicHerbReviews


"Wooh! Nice! Look at that! That ******* bucket works, dude.

That's a real clean hit. *coughs* "

- Chris 


Plenty of hard rips, that's for sure!


... and plenty of more laughs that are worth viewing for yourself!


Mike EpicHerbReviews



"This is a good kit. I would ******* recommend it."

- EpicHerbReviews

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