Indoor Tokers Review The SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit

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Indoor Tokers Review The SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit

The SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit Reviewed by Indoor Tokers

SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit


“This might be the best…SOURCEvapes product yet” – Indoor Tokers

While enjoying a couple of ‘herbal cocktails’, the Indoor Tokers gave their review of the SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit. Let's just say it went well! The SOURCE orb XL 2 has a stainless steel 303 body. It’s 510 threaded and has a 2nd Generation Variable Airflow System (VAS) with 5 Settings.

SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit

The SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit Includes:

  • 1x SOURCE orb XL 2 Attachment
  • 1x SOURCE volt Max box mod battery
  • 1x Sony VTC4 2100mah removable battery
  • 2x XL Series Atomizers
  • 1x 4 Series Atomizers
  • 1x SOURCEvapes Large Travel Case
  • 1x Travel Tool
  • 1x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 2x USB Charging Cable

“This is a complete kit man, even the battery included! They don’t even do that for toys anymore…” - Indoor Tokers

The SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit is the perfect vape pen to take on your adventures. The large capacity atomizers make it ideal for days out, and nights away. You can load it up in the morning and take it with you anywhere, without worrying about stopping to refill. The battery system is also great because you can keep a second charged battery ready-to-go, and never be without power!

SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel KitSOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit

“No worries about having to have your own battery charger, you’re going to be able to charge it right in the unit!” – Indoor Tokers

The Travel kit includes a SOURCE volt Max mod battery and a removable Sony battery. It also comes with a charging cable, allowing you to charge within the unit itself. This battery gives you the ability to choose and control your temperature, and temperature control gives you the most personalized inhalation experience possible!

SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit

“I think this thing is going to give you a whole new experience because everything from SOURCE always works great” - Indoor Tokers

The SOURCE orb XL 2 works with more than twenty atomizers, including seven of the XL series. The XL 2 Travel Kit contains three different atomizers:

  • 1x NEW XL Series Black Ceramic Quad Coil
  • 1x NEW XL Series SOURCE core (All-Ceramic Coil-less)
  • 1x NEW 4 Series SOURCE nail Max (10mm) Quartz (Removable Bucket)

Indoor Tokers loved the half gram capacity element of both new XL atomizers: the Black Ceramic Quad Coil and the SOURCE core, an all ceramic coil-less atomizer. For this review though, the Indoor Tokers wanted to use the SOURCE orb XL 2 with the SOURCE nail Max, the quartz coil-less removable bucket atomizer (1/2 g capacity):

XL atomizers

The orb XL 2 has 6 diverse power modes, meaning manual power control with Wattage Mode. Advanced users can also program their own temp control settings. SOURCE volt Max is specifically designed for SOURCEvapes products.

“That’s a great vape man! I can see why they wanted to upgrade with the mod and things, just because it’s going to allow you to get to that next level” – Indoor Tokers

The Volt Max temperature control box mod also has an extended 15 seconds cut-off time. It ranges from 200F - 700F in temperature, giving you unlimited heating options and results. The removable coil-less buckets are easy to clean, are made with 100% Real Grade 1 Titanium Coils, and are USA Lab-Certified.

SOURCE orb XL 2 battery

 “This does have an adjustable air flow too, an even bigger one than before! Now you have a five dot capacity that you can close or open. I kinda like it with the full airflow!” - Indoor Tokers

Once your battery is set up, it’s just a matter of picking the temperature you like and you’re good to go. The Indoor Tokers set their temp to 550F and enjoyed some massive clouds. They comment on the instantaneous heat up and love the fact that you don’t have to go to 700F, and that it’s “still really tasty at 550F!”.

 “You’re not having to guess how many watts is going to make it how hot…because that’s not fun to do if you’re not familiar with it...” – Indoor Tokers

SOURCE orb XL 2 smoke

“Highly recommended man!” – Indoor Tokers

SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit

 Check out the full Indoor Tokers review of the SOURCE orb XL 2 Travel Kit below!