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TheDabSpot Review Sesh on the SOURCE nail Portable Dab Rig with Coil-Less Atomizers

Danielle of The Dab Spot did a video review with IndoorSmokers featuring the SOURCE nail portable dab rig, which was recently voted best eNail. Featuring quartz, ceramic, and USA-Tested Grade 2 Titanium coil-less atomizers, Danielle and IndoorSmokers each had their favorites.

IndoorSmokers said the quartz atomizer was "So Smooth" after taking a hit and noted the exceptional flavor delivery of the quartz coil-less atomizer. Danielle preferred the slightly harder hit from the ceramic atomizer. They both noted that the titanium coil-less atomizer offered the hardest hit, a favorite of many vape fans. 

Check out their review below:


Although not  tested in this review, SOURCE nail can be also used as an on the go vape pen. To turn the eRig into a vape pen, simply throw on the included glass globe vape pen attachment

All SOURCEvapes items are backed by the best vape pen warranty in the industry. Not only is your satisfaction guaranteed, you are also covered by our no hassle warranty even after use. SOURCEvapes batteries have a lifetime warranty and all SOURCEvapes atomizers are warrantied for 30 days. Time to Experience True Taste!

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