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Jenny Wakeandbake Tries The Quad Coil With Orb XL 2

Jenny Wakeandbake sits down and shares her review of the SOURCE orb XL 2 and quad coils.

orb XL 2

“Shout out to SOURCEvapes for being the one product that continually kicks my ass” – Jenny Wakeandbake

The orb XL 2 is the perfect vape pen to take on your adventures! Large capacity atomizers make it easy to use while out and about. Load it up in the morning, and take it with you anywhere, without worrying about stopping to refill. The battery system is also great because you can keep a second charged removable battery, ready-to-go, and always have power!

orb and orb XL 2

Jenny also has an original SOURCE orb, which she uses with a SOURCE volt 40watt battery. The first thing she noticed about the orb XL 2 is the massive size increase and updated battery which is a 60watt battery, compared to the original 40watt.
“wow…I can definitely see this keeping me company” – Jenny Wakeandbake

The SOURCE volt Max box mod with removable 18650 battery gives you full temperature control. It is specifically designed for SOURCEvapes products and has an extended 15 seconds cut-off time. This battery gives you the ability to choose and control your temperature, and temperature control gives you the most tailored inhalation experience imaginable!

SOURCE volt Max battery

She set hers to 650, and explains that she likes to keep her pens cranked up so that she can see her exhale. She says that she realizes her chosen temperature may burn through material a little faster. But, in the words of Jenny Wakeandbake, “Seeing is believing”.

SOURCE orb XL 2 jenny wakeandbake

The new XL Series Quad Coils give you monster hits every time! But, you can also dial the power down and enjoy a larger load throughout the course of the day. The screw top design means you can drop your pen and don’t have to worry about getting anything stuck inside. No more trying to clean atomizers on your nature walks, Jenny!

“My favorite updated features with the SOURCE orb [XL] is the fact that is has a screw on lid”  – Jenny Wakeandbake

The SOURCE volt Max box mod holds a temperature range from 200F - 700F. It has 6 distinct power modes, allowing you to manually power your experience. Switch to any of the three pre-set temp control modes: Titanium, Nichrome, or Stainless Steel 316, or program your own Temp Control settings. 

quad coil XL SOURCE

 “What I find absolutely outrageous about the orb XL is the atomizer… it’s literally the size of my finger – it’s huge” – Jenny Wakeandbake

In her review, she’s using a quad XL atomizer. She screws her orb XL 2 pieces together and loads it up. She takes a couple of hits, and after a huge cloud billows out of her mouth, says:

jenny wakeandbake source orb xl

“Well, I’d call that an update, Sh*t…” – Jenny Wakeandbake

Once her smoothie urge passed, she continued to puff and cough and enjoy the orb XL 2 with quad XL coils!

Check out Jenny Wakeandbake giving her full review on YouTube below!


  • November 13, 2017
  • SOURCEvapes Team
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