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Leafly Reviews SOURCE orb 4

Leafly recently wrote an article about everything you should know about the SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen. Leafly's Darren Harris reviewed the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit, which comes with 6 different coiled and coilless atomizers that can be enjoyed at home or on the go! 


Before hashing out the details of our latest and most innovative vape pen in the SOURCEvapes collection, Darren Harris provides readers with a list of all the necessary nitty gritty things, like how much it costs, its features, and what comes in the kit. 


SOURCE orb 4

The SOURCE Orb 4 consistently delivers a strong and effective vaping performance paired with very simple functionality.

- Darren Harris, Leafly



Lightweight & Sleek Stainless Steel 303 Build

I couldn’t help but feel a small sense of relief when I first put together the orb 4. Right out of the box you are given the battery, the orb attachment where the mouthpiece and atomizer are kept, and six atomizers to choose from, so there’s a strong emphasis on customization and finding the right setup for you.
- Darren Harris, Leafly



SOURCE orb 4


Leafly was right when they discussed how easy it is to assemble SOURCE orb 4 together in their latest article! SOURCE orb 4's battery, mouthpiece attachment, and stainless steel 303 vape pen neatly assemble into the easy-to-carry Premium Kit. To assemble, users can quickly unpack the kit and screw on SOURCE orb 4's mouthpiece attachment onto the sub-ohm SOURCE orb 4 Premium kit battery


Unpacking SOURCE orb 4

Leafly Unpacks SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit 


Once assembled, SOURCE orb 4 can go with users anywhere - it's the perfect size for pockets, and its sleek and shiny build makes vaping with this coilless vape pen all the more elegant!


That combined with its clean, metallic look makes this pen a great option for almost any scenario you can imagine yourself in.

- Darren Harris, Leafly


SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit

Premium Kit Goodies!




Easy Loading with Upgraded Magnetic Lock

What mostly sets SOURCE orb 4 apart from past vape pens is its magnetic lock. In 2016, we released an evolved vape pen that has truly changed the nature of vaping altogether. In the past, most vape pen models required dabbers to have to unscrew their mouthpiece attachments when it was time to reload their vaporizer. Some outdated vape pen models even forced some users to have to dissemble their vape pens entirely! 


SOURCE orb 4


The vape pens of the past made vaping inconvenient for users who wanted to vape on the go. So we created an evolved design that allows users to vape anywhere - without the mess. 


GirlWhoSmokes shows off SOURCE orb 4 magnetic lock

Vlogger GirlWhoSmokes shows off SOURCE orb 4's magnetic lock -
Read about this exclusive review for yourself!


SOURCE orb 4's magnetic lock means exactly what it says. Users simply pull apart the top and bottom pieces of the mouthpiece and reload their vapes into one of 6 different atomizers. With the magnetic threading, the top and bottom pieces of the mouthpiece are pulled back together tightly, so that it won't fall apart. 


Silenced Hippie easily reloads SOURCE orb 4

Silenced Hippie easily reloads her SOURCE orb 4 while in the woods!


Another thing that I found to be really convenient is that the part of the orb attachment that holds the atomizer is sealed by a strong magnet.

- Darren Harris, Leafly



6 Varieties of Coiled & Coilless Atomizers

In their review, Leafly goes into more detail regarding how to assemble SOURCE orb 4. After putting the vape pen together in a matter of seconds, users can choose from 6 different coilless and coiled atomizers that vaporize for powerful and tasty rips. 

These atomizers are part of the 4 Series. 4 Series includes a single coiled quartz atomizer for dabbers who prefer lighter dabs with maximum flavor. Heavy hitters can enjoy three different double coiled atomizers that are made with quartz, white ceramic, and black ceramic. 


4 Series atomizers

4 Series Atomizers - All 8 Featured in SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kit


While each double coiled atomizer within 4 Series produces strong dabs, each hits differently. The good thing about the Premium Kit's inclusion of three different coiled atomizers is that dabbers can experiment and find their favorite atomizer to vape with.


There’s seriously an atomizer here for any occasion, making this vape pen ideal.

- Darren Harris, Leafly


So far, vape critics in the vaping scene have been raving about the black ceramic double coiled atomizer! Its porous build absorbs more material, and it's ideal for low temperature dabs! 


black ceramic double coiled atomizer

Black Ceramic Double Coiled Atomizer


Along with the magnetic lock, the coilless atomizers set SOURCE orb 4 apart from other vape pens on the market. Coilless atomizers are perfect for runnier essential oils, so users can expect less drip when vaporizing. Cleaning coilless atomizers are easier, too! 



Custom Dabs with Premium Battery & 5 Setting VAS

As Darren Harris describes in his SOURCE orb 4 review, powering up this coilless vape pen is simple! 


Leafly SOURCE orb 4

Leafly Discusses How to Power Up SOURCE orb 4


Once users press the power button 5 times and adjust the voltage settings on the bottom, they can load up their essential oils and get on their way to vaping.

Dabbers can customize their dabs even more with the 5 setting variable airflow system (VAS)! It's newly upgraded and allows users to choose from 5 different settings that increase and decrease airflow in the mouthpiece attachment. To adjust SOURCE orb 4's VAS, users can twist the mouthpiece attachment and choose the intensity of their dabs - it's that simple!



Variable Airflow System (VAS)


Simply put, this pen just works, which is what anybody should be looking for in a solid vape pen.

- Darren Harris, Leafly



We're changing the vape game by giving more power back to the users. With SOURCE orb 4, users can customize their hits and experience a variety of vapes all in a single coilless vape pen. You can not only vape in style - you can compliment the sleek design of SOURCE orb 4 by customizing your hits specifically to your liking.


For a more in-depth look at Leafly's latest review of SOURCE orb 4, read it here!




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