MacDizzle420 From HighRise TV Reviews The SOURCE nail XL

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MacDizzle420 From HighRise TV Reviews The SOURCE nail XL

Anytime you make your first purchase from a company, there's always that factor of doubt. The products may have glistening user reviews, but they're all at the bottom of the company's own website. Product descriptions may read well on paper and in picture, but upon arrival they don't square up. Video reviews are the shopper's new tool, and they take that doubt out of your purchase. As MacDizzle420 from HighRise TV knows, vlog reviews of vape pens are especially helpful. In this episode, she reviews the SOURCE nail XL. The following is a rundown of her video review. 

SOURCE nail XL Review By MacDizzle420 From HighRise TV

MacDizzle420 From HighRise TV Reviews The SOURCE nail XLThe first scene comes into focus and there's MacDizzle420 already holding the SOURCE nail XL. To be precise, she has the SOURCE nail XL Premium Battery and she's using the SOURCE nail Glass Globe attachment. On the table in front of her you can see the other attachment, the SOURCE nail Split-Glass Bubbler

After she introduces the SOURCEvapes product review, MacDizzle420 lets you know that any previous SOURCE nail or SOURCE orb 4 atomizers will work with the SOURCE nail XL vaporizer. In drawing your attention to the extra attachment, you'll also notice it sits in a large case. What you're viewing is the SOURCE nail XL Premium Kit.

MacDizzle420 Live Tests The SOURCE nail XL & SOURCE nail Glass Globe

MacDizzle420 Tests The SOURCE nail XLYou gotta like her style as MacDizzle420 wastes no time showing you how the SOURCE nail XL works in real life. Coughing between words, she explains that she can see and smell the atomizer heating up. She also likes the fact that the SOURCE nail Glass Globe comes with a small carb hole to clear the vapor. It's pretty cool to watch the vapor as it fills up the glass attachment. 

MacDizzle420 goes after the pen again, this time with a close up shot. You can clearly see how she holds the pen with one hand, while pushing the button and working the carb with her other hand. Watch also how the vapor fills up inside the SOURCE nail Glass Globe, then clears as she pulls her finger off the carb. 

The SOURCE nail XL Premium Kit Atomizers

MacDizzle calls them nails, but she means that the SOURCE nail XL Premium Kit comes with different atomizers. There's 3 in the kit to be exact, and MacDizzle420 prefers using the hottest titanium atomizer. Take a look at all three atomizers below:

All three are coil-less 4 Series SOURCE nail 10mm atomizers. Older SOURCE nail atomizers will work as MacDizzle420 mentions. SOURCEvapes addition of the XL in the SOURCE nail is simply to clear up confusion between products. 

The SOURCE nail XL Premium Battery

MacDizzle420 Explains The SOURCE nail XL Premium Battery SettingsMacDizzle jumps into the SOURCE nail XL Premium Battery by showing its three different temperature settings. She's using blue which is the highest voltage, but there's also red in the middle and purple for the lowest setting. The button has LED lights that do the color changing when you click it 4 times.

After loading the atomizer and taking about 8 more hits off the pen, MacDizzle420 reveals the secret stash spot. On the bottom of the SOURCE nail XL Premium Battery is a cap that unscrews. It has a silicone layer inside and holds at least a quarter gram of material. 

Clearing Up MacDizzle420 and The SOURCE nail XL Conclusion

It seems like the vapor goes to MacDizzles head because she calls the attachment the SOURCE orb, which it is not. It's nearing the end and she does correct herself by saying that she's holding the SOURCE nail XL. It only goes to prove how effective the vaporizer really is. Catch MacDizzle420 as she tries to keep it together in her review of the SOURCE nail XL.