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Medical Jane Reviews the SOURCE nail Portable eNail and Vape Pen

Matt Price of Medical Jane reviewed the SOURCE nail portable eNail and vape pen. Previously, Medical Jane has reviewed the SOURCE orb v2 and the SOURCE orb 3. SOURCE nail kits include a high powered 40w box mod battery, a water bubbler, glass globe vape pen attachment, quartz dabber carb cap, solid metal carrying case, and three SOURCE nail coil-less atomizers. The atomizers come in quartz, ceramic, and USA-Tested Grade 2 Titanium, which lets you vary your hit however you like.

SOURCE nail lets you get truly on the go vapes, and Matt said of the portability, "It offers vapers the ability to travel with their rig without the normal hassles associated with carrying around a corded enail/dab rig." He also mentions the versatility, whereby you can use your other SOURCEvapes atomizers, including those form SOURCE orb 3 and SOURCE orb 4, on the SOURCE nail.

Matt noted the importance of the use of USA-Tested Grade 2 Titanium from which the SOURCE nail Titanium atomizer is made. Many atomizers out there claim to be Titanium and even Grade 2, but the true contents are unknown. Even when Grade 2, there can be variations in iron content. SOURCEvapes uses medical grade Grade 2 Titanium which has a very low iron content. Some Grade 2 TItanium is made for industrial uses and thus, is cheaper to make since it has high iron content as a filler. By using verified materials, SOURCEvapes puts customer safety first as we help customers Experience True Taste. 

Matt went over how to clean the SOURCE nail; however, we will be coming out with a more efficient cleaning method to be published later this week. Overall, he found the SOURCE nail to be a great option for vaping on the go. Check out Medical Jane's review of the SOURCE nail portable eNail by clicking the image below!

medical jane source nail review


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