SF Weekly's SF Evergreen Reviews the SOURCE nail

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SF Weekly's SF Evergreen Reviews the SOURCE nail

On SF Weekly's Evergreen, Zack Ruskin did a concise review of the SOURCE nail portable dab rig. The first thing he noted was the ease of use of the SOURCE nail for taking a hit, compared with currently available portable eRig setups.

coil-less atomizer top view

According to him its conceived as a simple vaporizer that can synthesize the experience fully. In the sturdy black carrying case of the SOURCE nail are three coil-less atomizers in USA-Tested Grade 2 Titanium, quartz, and ceramic. The atomizers come with screw off tops and detachable cups and works well with the included borosilicate bubbler attachment.

One of the features he discovered was how effectively the SOURCE nail handled variable temperature and wattage with its 40w box mod battery. It allows users to choose watts between 5 and 40, and the higher setting was able to emulate the chest hit of a full dab rig. 

To enhance vape efficiency, SOURCE nail is packed with a carb cap that not only makes for a harder hit but protects against the wind. This solves the issue of having to deal with the wind swooping in on the dab. Users can now dab to their heart’s pleasure in the presence of mother nature.

quartz carb cap

One thing he noted was SOURCE nail’s size would not be a preferred medium for those who do not want to be noticed. The bubbler attachment towers about four inches above the 40w battery unit. To be ready for on the go, SOURCE has included in its package a smaller glass globe vape pen attachment with a carb to provide a more discreet alternative to the full bubbler.

glass globe vape pen

SOURCE nail is considered a dual use vape pen and eNail that projects vaping into an entirely different dimension.

Another benefit is the practicality of the SOURCE nail. The various components are fitted neatly into the carrying case that is handy itself. More so, the three atomizer alternatives can be interchanged easily which means that users can select a preferred atomizer for each vape session without a struggle.

SOURCE nail is priced at $199.95, which is reasonable when compared with other high-end vapes. In the end, he rated it excellent with 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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