Silenced Hippie Has a Reviews the SOURCE nail!

SOURCEvapes Team on
Silenced Hippie Has a Reviews the SOURCE nail!

Silenced Hippie just reviewed the SOURCE nail portable eNail with coil-less atomizers, and she really enjoyed the glass bubbler attachment that turns your SOURCE nail into an eRig. She said, "I was not expecting that big of a cloud!" after taking a large rhit off the portable e-Nail. 

In addition to the glass globe, carrying case and eRig attachment, SOURCE nail portable eNail comes with a 40w temp control box mod battery that is specially chipped for essential oils. It also comes with coil-less atomizers in quartz, USA-Tested Grade 2 titanium and ceramic.

Check out the review below by Silenced Hippie and see why she loves the SOURCE nail!


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