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Sneaky Pete’s Vaporizer Review - SOURCE Slim 4

SOURCE slim 4 is part of the SOURCE 4 series line of vape pens. So, if you've been enjoying your SOURCE orb 4 vape pen, you will love using the same coiled and coil-less atomizers on the smaller, more portable version…Enter SOURCE slim 4!

Sneaky Pete reviews SOURCE slim 4

Included in the box:

The SOURCE Slim 4 also comes with 2 different atomizers;
  • 1x 4 Series Quartz Double Coil
  • 1x 4 Series SOURCE nail Quartz atomizer (With Removable Bucket)

SOURCE slim 4 in case

This vape pen features a Stainless Steel 303 build, SOURCE volt mini battery AND a built-in Silicone container. Including 3 temperature settings and a 5-setting variable airflow system. It’s perfect for vapers on the go and includes everything you need. At only 4.7 inches tall, the SOURCE slim 4 packs the same power as SOURCE orb 4 too!

Atomizers and buckets

quartz double coil atomizer

The SOURCE slim 4 is compatible with all 9 SOURCE 4 series atomizers! The kit comes with two, and the rest are available for purchase. This box includes a powerful USA-tested grade 1 titanium quartz double coil atomizer for thick rips, as well as the SOURCE nail quartz coilless atomizer.

slim 4 removable bucketquartz removable cup


The bucket part of the coil-less quartz nail atomizer is removable, for easy loading AND cleaning.

 “Really cool and I really, really like that … Like, that’s cool, right? That just makes it easy to load – easy to everything!”
-Sneaky Pete


Stain-less steel

The SOURCE slim 4 has a polished look thanks to the beautiful dark 303 stainless steel it’s encased in. Specially formulated to resist weathering or damage, feel free to carry it around in your pocket or bag - without worrying about breakages. This compact unit is a practical and portable choice, giving you a stress free vape sesh.

SOURCE slim 4

Silicone Material Container

Sneaky Pete loved that the bottom of the vape unit is a convenient silicone container. This means you can store your material and have it ready at hand, any time. Its silicone lined on both ends so nothing is going to stick inside or be wasted.

“It’s pretty big - I bet you could probably fit a gram in there! That’s very cool, it is actually going to be totally useful and it’s very cool that that’s integrated.”
-Sneaky Pete

Variable Airflow System

SOURCE series 4 pens benefit from an upgraded VAS (Variable Airflow System) that is easily adjusted to suit your mood. For a tailored airflow experience, cover or conceal 5 tiny airflow holes on each side with a rotating cover. You decide whether you want more or less fresh air entering the unit as you draw vapor.

3-temp settings and the VAS allow the user to modify their vaporizing experience to fit their needs and taste at any time.


Happy Vaping, and don’t forget - all series 4 atomizers from SOURCEvapes fit both the SOURCE orb 4 and SOURCE slim 4!


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