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SOURCE nail Review by iMarijuanit

SOURCE nail Scores 9.2/10 on iMarijuanit!

It can be a difficult task trying to keep up with the latest vaping technology. New vaping products are released throughout the year with continued improvements to the predecessors. In previous years, there were only a handful of companies producing vape pens, and now, there are too many to count.

iMarijuanit is a premiere vaporizer review site that's growing in reputability for anything and everything vaporizers. SOURCE nail was recently reviewed by iMarijuanit, and scored 9.2 out of 10 in quality, appearance, portability, vapor quality, and functionality.


SOURCE e-nail review


As a portable eRig, SOURCE nail is at the forefront of vaporizing's evolution, and it was made to mimic the same experience as a traditional vaping.

While massive vape clouds can be produced with your materials,  SOURCE nail produces a one of a kind vaping experience.


"Source nail delivers massive clouds of vapor. I highly recommend this product for its vapor production. It delivers a very flavorful and enjoyable vapor."
-Taylor Williams, iMarijuanit




Long Battery Life & 500°F Temp Range

Today, it's possible to take vapes on the go without a torch, and SOURCE nail produces powerful hits without compromising the flavor of vapor - anywhere!

SOURCE nail has an attachable bubbler that provides the same vaping experience as a regular rig. There are people who enjoy low-temperature vapes while others prefer high-temperature vaporizers. Both are achievable with SOURCE nail's temperature range of 200°F-700°F.

Each full charge allows for 2 hours of vaping. In comparison to competitors, SOURCE nail portable eRig was highlighted for having some of the longest battery life.


SOURCE enail review 2016

If you’re looking for a portable, high quality and unique eNail, I would highly recommend the Source Nail vaporizer.
-Taylor William, iMarijuanit



Custom Vapes with SOURCE nail Atomizers

Dabbers get ample time to vape on the go with up to 2 hours of battery life. With a 500°F temperature range, low temp vapers and high temp vapers can equally and enjoyably vape with SOURCE nail. 

As atomizers evolve, more and more vape pens will allow vape pen enthusiast to customize their vapes specifically to their liking. SOURCEvapes innovated the coiled quartz atomizer, the triple coil atomizer, and the coilless atomizer

SOURCE nail is compatible with the XL Series and 4 Series atomizers. SOURCE nail's Temperature Kit itself comes with three coilless atomizers, made with grade 2 titanium, ceramic, and quartz. Atomizers used on the SOURCE orb 4 and SOURCE orb XL vape pens can also be used on SOURCE nail. 

With a variety of cross-compatible coiled and coilless atomizers, users can perfect their vapes exactly to their taste and desired intensity. 

SOURCE nail is recommended by iMarijuant: 9.2/10!

SOURCE nail's portability is praised for the huge and versatile clouds it produces. The design is superior to its competitors due to its portability, and it achieved an overall rating of 9.2 out of 10 on iMarijuanit. 

SOURCE nail is a high-quality portable eRig that any essential oils enthusiast can appreciate. Compared to competitors, this portable eRig is a high quality investment that's available for only $199.99.

A discount on SOURCE nail is also available on iMarijuanit.

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