Vapor Review Blog: "SOURCE nail is Easy to Recommend"

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Vapor Review Blog: "SOURCE nail is Easy to Recommend"
Vape users who are looking for direction in purchasing their next vaporizer should take some advice from Vapor Review Blog. Vapor Review Blog provides the internet's best insight regarding vaporizers. King, the mastermind behind Vapor Review Blog, takes the time to focus on every vaporizer's highlight points, as well as on how each vaporizer caters to various needs. 


Vapor Review Blog recently reviewed SOURCE nail and gave a break-down of how it works and how it fares as a portable eNail



Vape Review Blog SOURCE nail
Vape Review Blog reviews SOURCE nail


Vape Pen & eNail Experience All-in-One

[SOURCE nail] has a home in between pen vaporizers, which are the most portable...

So it's much more similar to that at-home enail experience than it is to the pen; but, it's completely portable.

- Vapor Review Blog



Vaping with SOURCE nail


SOURCE nail is one of the finest vaporizers to incorporate the vape pen and eNail experiences all into a single device. It comes with a split glass bubbler and a glass globe mouthpiece. 

Its split glass bubbler embodies the experience of dabbing on a desktop eNail within a single, easy-to-assemble, portable vape system. 



SOURCE nail split glass bubbler

SOURCE nail Split Glass Bubbler


"It's a rather small bubbler. It doesn't hold a whole lot of water. It gets the job done. It provides much cooler and smoother vapor than from a dry hit."

- Vapor Review Blog


SOURCE nail also comes with a glass globe attachment. The glass globe experience resembles one that is produced by a vape pen. The glass globe makes SOURCE nail even more portable without compromising the intensity and flavor of one's dabs.


SOURCE nail glass globe

SOURCE nail Glass Globe


Innovative Coilless Atomizer System

SOURCE nail is the first portable eRig to feature coilless atomizers. SOURCE nail's coilless atomizers are part of the XL Series, which means that the coilless atomizers can be used on SOURCE orb XL in addition to SOURCE nail.


SOURCE nail coilless atomizer

SOURCE nail Coilless Atomizer


If users have a favorite atomizer from their SOURCE orb 4 vape pen, they can use that atomizer on SOURCE nail. SOURCE nail is equally compatible with 4 Series and XL Series atomizers


These [atomizers] are by far one of the strongest links of the SOURCE nail kit. Not only do they come in 3 different materials - quartz, titanium, and ceramic - but they have the heating element built into them; meaning, if you give your bucket a little too much juice [power]... you can replace that [the atomizer] without having to repurchase the entire SOURCE nail system.

- Vapor Review Blog


coilless atomizer SOURCE nail

SOURCE nail coilless atomizer


Should one's atomizers experience some wear-and-tear, XL atomizers are replaceable without having to purchase the entire SOURCE nail temp control kit.


Heating & Temperature Recommendations

According to Vapor Review Blog, users get about 2 hours of dabbing with SOURCE nail. King recommends that dabbers start off using SOURCE nail at lower temperatures. 


"I prefer low [temperature]... the reason I say low is overall, you get better life out of your heater. Each bucket will last longer."


SOURCE nail has a 500°F temperature range that varies between 200°F and 700°F.Vapor Blog Review gives an in-depth break-down of how the battery works. 


SOURCE volt Max

SOURCE battery


With maximum portability, it's easy to produce powerful and delicious hits on the go using SOURCE nail. 


Vapor Blog Review SOURCE nail



"SOURCE nail is easy to recommend."

- Vapor Review Blog


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